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  1. paylette


    So here are some basics! (Personal) Name: Layla Age: 25 Sex: Female Orientation: Demisexual/Panromantic (Fursona) Name: Paylette (Payle for short) Sex: Female Species: FOX! Brief Description: I'm a shy sweet bean that likes making friends. Though shy, I know how to be very professional and...
  2. paylette

    Art Trade: Looking to Network

    THROUGH ART TRADES, come trade me <3
  3. paylette

    (Commission) Selling: Digital art starting at $15

    Hi, I draw or somethin'! Consider Commissioning me, if you have any questions you can refer to my Commission Info Don't care? That's also fine! Go ahead and look at my Commission Prices instead. Here are some of my works: