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pc games

  1. S

    Is it possible to mod middle earth SOM or SOW?

    It's it possible to change the enemies with different models? I wanna play as Talion as a lion or a dog or a wolf or make the orcs like dogs or cats or any kind of anthropomorphic animals.
  2. volkenfox

    The Pirate's Fate: A Furry VN out on Steam

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share a project I just completed for those of you looking to either play more PC games with anthro characters, The Pirate's Fate: A Transformation Visual Novel. Check us out here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/553480/The_Pirates_Fate/ Come sail the Pirate's Fate...
  3. Chandraken

    Gamer Girl YCH

    Hi all! I am currently offering up this YCH gamer girl auction! Please go here to bid: www.furaffinity.net: GAMER GIRL YCH by Chandraken
  4. GigaBit

    Post Your Funny Screenshots

    Just as the title states: Post your funny gaming screenshots! I'll go first: Codsworth. The Leggy Boi.
  5. E

    I wanna play with furrfriends!

    Hey! My steam username is "Ezekiel the dragon" You can look up what games we have in common. I love to voice chat and we can even play something like skyrim and just voice chat and chill! Looking forward to meeting you! >w<
  6. A

    The Basement (General Gaming Thread)

    "Hey there!" Welcome to the basement. We got everything down here! PC gaming, console gaming and even retro gaming! We even have people that just watch other people game! So come join us; talk, share and play! "
  7. Swivirx

    New gamertag wanted!

    I'm looking for a new unique gamertag that I can use for all consoles and PC. I'd like for it to start with an S, have less than 7 letters, be made up, and be easy to pronounce. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon! - G
  8. T

    For Honor!

    Hi I'm wondering which furres are going to pick up For Honor and trying to decide which platform to get it on. I have PS4 (PSN: FoxyTorryn) and PC (Steam: FoxyTorryn). So as for the question "Will you pick up For Honor?"
  9. AdelynBlair

    The Sims

    This game is addicting! I have to walk away from it sometimes. What is it about The Sims that is so addicting? I have no idea. The last time I played I was playing The Sims 3 with the Supernatural expansion. No matter who I play I always end up killing the NPC characters. Am I a bad person? XD