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pc gaming

  1. Zhalo

    Does anyone else miss the way computer cases used to be?

    I honestly don't like how high-end PC cases are today. There is a place for tempered glass and RGB, I thought glass side panels were really cool when they first started to be a thing I still do. Right now though there is no new mid-high end options coming out nowadays for purely functional cases...
  2. craftyandy

    Sims Stories

    Had a unsetteling time making my potential future self in the sims. Of course there were plenty of drownings and starvings later. Any stories youd like to share
  3. Deathless

    Clone Hero Charts

    I've been playing a lot of Clone Hero lately and I really could use some new songs to play because I'm kind of getting bored of playing the same songs over and over again. Does anyone know of any good Clone Hero charts or any good music that would be fun to play? I'm mostly looking for songs on...
  4. S

    Beyond good and evil 2 Joinable factions

    I love beyond good and evil 2 space pirate idea but will it be good if Ubisoft decide to add Joinable factions to the game. I want to play as a hybrid that be a space pirate and also be apart of the bad guys with Jade
  5. S


    This game is hard as fuck i was about to blowup the generator
  6. Sage Ezraelis

    Starting a brand new furry PC gaming discord!

    Hey guys! As the title says, I've created a brand-new discord server for furs to get together and enjoy some PC gaming with one another. I honestly play many different games myself, so I didn't want to just limit the server to one or two games only as seen in other gaming groups. My goal for the...
  7. Yakamaru

    Monster Hunter: World: Coming to the effin' PC!!

    AHH MAN!!! I've been waiting for this for MONTHS! It's just a month left for this game to be released, and I am as excited as a kid in front of the candy store before it opens on a Saturday. You can bet your ass I will be playing this game. Specs are a little something though, I must...