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  1. Bluefiremark II

    The recent issues in LGBT thread

    Would just like to say that if anything i said DID offend you I'm sorry, nothing was meant in a demeaning way or anything. Not a single word was meant as negative to lgbt. You're all great people, no different from anyone else. It is just the act i dislike, and like other things, we can have our...
  2. N

    I love it when....

    ...I get to spend 5 minutes talking to someone I actually care about.
  3. I

    I hate it when......

    The rules are simple. Vent out your daily frustration by sharing something you dislike in this Godforsaken world and let others know they are not alone. I'll start. I hate it when the Wifi is slow when I'm using the forums.
  4. M

    any furries near?

    Are there any other furries in Eugene/Springfield/cottage Grove or surrounding areas of Oregon?