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  1. Snappy_Appy96

    Need help with my fursona

    Hi guys!! Okay so to start with; I'm new to here, and to the Furry community. I've always admired the community, but never had the confidence to join I guess. But now I want to. I'm on TikTok (yes, cringe to some I know) but the amount of amazing fursuits I see on there just make me want one so...
  2. bomo

    Adoptables for auction/sale + YCH paintings!

    Hi there - I'm looking to start selling adoptables, as I do a lot of character design that I never use for anything and I'd love them to get used. I've got four bird designs here and I'm doing the auction itself on DA. The birds are a pelican lifeguard, a peacock, a lil owl and a white pheasant...
  3. C

    Looking for artist who could draw Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2.

    Hey everyfur I watched the Kung Fu Panda 2 about a few weeks ago and I must say it was good. It was much better than 1 and I think it was better than Kung Fu Panda 3.Yeah I know I'm kinda late it came 2011 and I just now saw it. After I watched it I went to internet looking for pics what I...