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  1. Punk_M0nitor

    Pen Illustration Appreciation Thread

    Exactly what it sounds like: a thread for pen illustrations! If you like, feel free to tell everyone what kind of pen you used, how long it took you, link your FA page... whatever you see fit These are mine! I'm unsure of how long they took me, since I don't often record my traditional art...
  2. TheBoxDweller

    (Commission) Selling: ($10-15) Traditional Chibi Drawings <3

    Here's a link to my FA submission (which has the same info as on this thread): www.furaffinity.net: Traditional Commissions Open! by TheBoxDweller Introducing $10 traditional commissions, featuring a possible redesign for my fursona because why would I ever make it easy on myself and just make...
  3. KoomietheFool

    Free Art: Needing Practice

    Hello, I've been off the Grid, so to speak, for a long-ass while. I am a traditional Artist (I work with Pencils, Pens, Markers, Paints and Pastels.) I'm looking to Sketch out creatures, people, anything really, I need to work on my dynamic poses and learn to better create what someone else has...
  4. Nudeus

    Traditional Art

    My tablet pen is broken so I'll be stuck to traditional art for a while. But that's no excuse not to keep drawing and get in plenty of practice! I LOVE drawing boys. No slots but I might be choosy. Here are my rules! I WILL draw: +NSFW (any sexuality) +Gore/Guro +Fanart of any fandom +Any...