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  1. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Where my PA furs?

    Trying to find some other furries in Pennsylvania to hangout with. Hit me up with a DM ^_^
  2. potato-kun

    Anyone from Philly?

    Any furries living in Pennslyvania, specifically dragons? Just wanna make sure I'm not alone here uwu;
  3. Uluri

    PA Artists, Get Your Art Featured in Virtual Reality?

    I hope this is where this post goes. I'm signal boosting for artists to have their artwork featured. Also, let your other PA friends know about this. ^ Please Go HERE for the Gallery Feature^ My friend is hosting an Art Gallery in VR (Virtual Reality), and is looking for Pennsylvania artists...
  4. Kydashing

    Any furs want to make a meet in Kennett Square/Philly area?

    Hi there! I pretty new still in the community and want to meet some people who are in fandom in and around the kennett sqaure/philly area. I want to see if there is any meets open or enough people to make a meet where we see a movie, roller blade, eat out or something along these lines. I hope...
  5. ArcticFoxFitzy

    Sharon WaterFire Fur meet

    Where: Sharon, Pennsylvania When: Saturday, August 20th, 2016, Noon-Nightfall waterfiresharonpa.org Hello everyone! My name is Josh and I am taking over For the WaterFire Fur Meet. Waterfire is a festival about art, music, dancing, food, and fun! Comprising of the entire downtown Sharon...