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  1. UthrkinWrites

    NSFW Short Story Commissions OPEN! Limited Slots!

    Howdy folks! I've recently opened up commissions for NSFW short stories (≈2500 words a piece) for $35 USD! Slots are limited, so grab one while you can! You can read the full details here: Commission Info And you can read examples of all of my work here: Gallery I can write stories starring...
  2. BabyBunnyBoy

    Beware: Kink Ahead! (mxm, fxf, mxf)

    Hey howdy hey - If you recognized the acronym in the title, I'm glad to see it caught your attention. I'll likely be around and able to reply at least a little bit on a mostly daily basis, though the times I will might be a bit scattered depending on my mood. It's worth noting I typically tend...
  3. Roadkill-Sarny

    Looking for a Short Story Commission

    Hey guys, I don't know how many writers there are out there but I was hoping to find someone who'll write a short story about a female bat OC of mine. If you're interested, comment here or send me a note. Hope to hear from you all. :3 My female bat OC and ShadowTech assassin Vanessa is...