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  1. loups_solitaire

    What is the backstory of your fursona

    basically what is his story. what are it's accomplishment. you can talk about the purpose of life or his work, his personality, his alignment. post pictures if you want. you can even write scenes. I'm working on mine and I feel like reading something else so. but don't forget it's pegi 13
  2. The_biscuits_532

    OC Charts!

    Found these on Amino, they're p fun Blanks in comments of: https://aminoapps.com/c/furry-amino/page/blog/oc-charts-2/eY7o_ZVXf3uEq68RR6j1pgvvRkVGv0YLKGd https://aminoapps.com/c/furry-amino/page/blog/some-oc-chart-things-i-found-of-pintrest/pXWl_r1LtQuER5nqBZBzg5xdDKqx8E8B67Kce You shouldn't...
  3. Guifrog

    How much has your sona's story/role in your life changed?

    When I created my blue poison frog character back in 2018, I'd imagine some powers, a parallel world and a little backstory that I could possibly use for RPs. It made sense for me to connect his personality to mine, and at the same time, enjoy the unlimited possibilities of fantasy. I feel like...
  4. B

    Fursona Personality Life Hack

    So, earlier today I was having trouble coming up with a list of personality traits to describe my fursona, Dusty. For furries like myself, I don't care much for thorough and complex character bios. So I was brainstorming, and then I remembered Pokemon natures. I was like a-ha! What an easy...
  5. D

    What tv shows can your sona binge watch?

    What is your sona binge watching on the weekends? Or if they don't live in a world with TV what is their favorite book or legend or whatever? Dexin likes a good mix between action adventure and feel good comedy. So his go to binge shows are Chuck, Lost In Space (2018), and Fuller House.
  6. B

    Which "Dere" type is your fursona?

    A "Dere" is a type of personality used mainly in the anime fandom. (Even though I dont watch anime anymore) Here is a list of all the Dere types: aminoapps.com: All The Dere Types | Anime Amino My fursona and I are both a mix between a Deredere and a Tsundere, type B. Leaning more towards...
  7. Wabbajax

    Furry Personality Mk. 2

    So, not too long ago the Furry Personality thread had us post our Myers-Briggs personality type. Just recently I discovered another personality test that I believe goes even more in-depth and has been getting an increased amount of attention. With that, I invite you to join the Enneagram Cult...
  8. C

    Personality according to blood type

    In Japanese culture it is somewhat believed that blood types can determine certain personality traits such as honesty, stubbornness, shyness, etc. So I thought it would be fun to check out or blood types and how accurate they are described by this thing. I personally don't believe in these...
  9. N

    State Your Sign

    You can always tell when a geminerd is feeling bored or unoriginal. My Chinese sign is:
  10. Guifrog

    Give animals a personality

    We can assume there's smart frogs and clueless frogs, but let's say each of us have a stereotyped thinking over how animals behave and that they'd talk. i.e.: 1) Mr. Potato thinks bears are so agressive, they'd always be swearing. 2) Ms. Banana disagrees and thinks bears are clumsy but gentle...
  11. Whollyhowl

    Fursona; Do they look like you?

    I was discussing with a friend the other day about Fursona's and their creators and we ended on a very interesting question. How many people in the Furry community have designed their sona's to look like them? Why design your Fursona to look different from you? So, I'm all curious now and I...
  12. Zehlua

    Guess/Make Up my fursona's personality

    I'm testing out my character design and fursuit performance skills with this survey! Here is my fursona, a bat creature named Zehlua. He often wears magical gloves that compress his wings into paws and claws. This makes it easier for him to move when he's on the ground. How does he walk and...
  13. GenkeiZwei

    Tenso Koumori, My bat fursona

    Name: Tenso Last-name: Koumori Nicknames: Mori, X-so Species: Bat Age: 20 Birthplace: Japan Height: 176 Cm Wight: 65-70 kg Body type: Slim athletic Quirks: Tenso has 3 normal fingers and 2 extreamly long ones to which his wings are connected. His wings are also connected to his body, making it...
  14. SpiralingBats

    Furry Personalities

    Hello, You can call me Spiral, I'm new here, and it's wonderful to see other furs around. Anyways, I've been a furry for a while now, but I always wondered about these certain type of personalities. As in, furry. I want to see if anyone can get an idea, or see what you can think of. What kind...
  15. D

    The Puritan Fox: My Fursona

    Name: Felix Bernard Sex: Male Species: Fox Height: 5’10” Appearance: - Fur: Orange-reddish and white fur - Eyes: Green - Markings: A scar on his stomach and two black slabs on both sides his snout Personality: - A bit reserved at times but extremely passionate and loving - Devoutly...
  16. Yakamaru

    The "16 Personalities" Test

    So I've taken the test from Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and career advice | 16Personalities again, and I still came up with The Architect. INTJ Personality (“The Architect”) | 16Personalities What's your results?
  17. Arcturus Maple

    What Kind of Nen User Are You?

    If you were a character in the world of Hunter X Hunter, where people can exercise fantastic abilities having a basis in nen, what kind of nen would you be most proficient in? Would you be an enhancer, conjurer, manipulator, transmuter, emitter, or specialist?
  18. Bjorn Potato

    Difficult Times

    My personality is really bad at twisted. I love helping people, but it I get pushed at broken, I'll go and hurt someone including myself and my loved ones. I'm writing this here because I've had some tough times. Been crying over people, been rejected by others, been teased and denied, someone I...
  19. Half

    What personality traits do you associate with various colors?

    It's an interesting thought I'd had recently about what certain colors make people think of regarding what they reflect on those who wear (or are) them. People often take on specific associations between who someone is and what colors they like. Various reactions and mentalities belonging to...
  20. ItzRiley

    Words that describe your fursona.

    Personally my fursona does have a bit of personality. Words that describes mine are (Positive, calm, Patience, relax) those are a few that describe mine. How bout u guys? :)