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pet portraits

  1. DecembristFlower

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Digital and Watercolor Art + Mail packs!Anthro|Feral|Human|Feline|Furry

    Payment via paypal + boosty.to after sketch. Deadline 2-6 weeks. Letters usually go for 2-4 weeks YCHs Album on FA Have a look at new examples
  2. EhwazAzi

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Illustrated Pet Portraits in 24 hours

    Perfect for last minute holiday gifts! Reply or message me on FA @EhwazAzi or Twitter @ EhwazAzi TODAY for a 24 hour turnaround time. Limited slots available! Headshots start at $80 || Half-Body starts at $150 || Full-Body starts at $175
  3. Biscuitmango

    (Commission) Selling: ★ Biscuit's One-Stop Art Shop ★ Icons, Pet Portraits & More..~!

    * Additional charge for characters without a photo reference ✨Examples of completed work ✨ ✏️ To see the full list of completed commissions, visit my Ko-Fi..! ☕ https://ko-fi.com/biscuitmango/gallery# Terms Of Service Images for personal use only. DO NOT repost without my permission...
  4. Nacht.Wolf

    (Commission) Selling: Sale - Open for Pet/Fursona portraits! $15-$45

    I’m open for some pet/fursona portraits! The sketch shown is of my own Nala (my GSD) Offering three styles for sale right now. Simple sketch headshot - $15 Colored full body clean sketch - $25 (If not your pet, this is a -feral- version of your fursona) Full painted headshot - $45 Either...
  5. Moosifer00

    (Commission) Selling: $7 Headshots

    Hey, looking to do some quick headshots! (willing to negotiate price if you want full body or some such) PM me for any further questions :D I can do payment by paypal only for the time being Samples below
  6. Katook

    (Commission) Selling: {$35-$150} High quality custom refs&illustrations! Pet portraits&other work available

    Hello! I'm still open for commissions of almost any kind! NSFW & SFW available. NSFW ref sheet commissions come with a free SFW edit for your sharing comfort :) I'll be posting the SFW edits of my refs here, NSFW will be available upon request over DM. TERMS OF SERVICE LISTED AT BOTTOM OF POST...
  7. snager

    Traditional Watercolor and Sketch Character Art and Comics Starting at $5-10

    I’m Snager and I want to draw for you! Traditional media looks great on walls and computer towers and makes a great gift! Emotions? We got ‘em! your irl Pets? Yes! Robots? You Betcha! Ships? Only the gay ones. nsfw? Maybe. I have some weird kinks and I am super happy to draw them, but you...
  8. Mother Anubis

    Request: Draw my Dog?

    **Updated; April 19th, 2020** Greetings users! I've been on this mission since 2018, a couple of months after putting my beloved dog down. So far, I have received many pieces of at of my furry angel and I truly appreciate each and every single one of them! I have provided both a description as...
  9. blizsea

    Cheap realistic pet portraits!

    I have two slots open for sketchy painted headshots ^^ they cost $6.00 each These will be 1000 x 1000 pixels at 300 DPI I will require at least two high resolution photos of your pet- they must be unfiltered as I will be color picking from them ^^ For more examples of my work feel free to browse...
  10. SatynaPaperArts

    pet portrait commissions! Traditional +shipping

    Hi, guys! If you are interested, write a comment or a note on FA- Userpage of satynapaper -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. eritated

    $30+ Pet/Animal Portraits (non-anthro)

    $30 pet portraits (or any animal) of this style and detail. I prefer you to email me at ericad8798[at]gmail.com with inquiries. I won't start commissions until I am paid through my paypal Pay Erica Davidson using PayPal.Me Other ways to view my art and support me: Erica Davidson is creating...