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  1. GabyHamster

    (Commission) Selling: ($16) PORTRAITS OF YOUR PETS! ♡

    Hi! I recently discovered my love for drawing pets and have already managed to fulfill a large order on this topic, so now, having gained experience, I can offer my services to you. So, I offer you a cute portrait of your pet! ❤ you can give a friend a drawing of their pet ❤ It can be used for...
  2. EhwazAzi

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Illustrated Pet Portraits in 24 hours

    Perfect for last minute holiday gifts! Reply or message me on FA @EhwazAzi or Twitter @ EhwazAzi TODAY for a 24 hour turnaround time. Limited slots available! Headshots start at $80 || Half-Body starts at $150 || Full-Body starts at $175
  3. ArtGirl205

    My new mantis Ivy.

    Harley tragically died barely a week after moulting and so I decided to go look for another mantis to fill the empty hole in my mantis adoring heart I found this pretty green girl.
  4. ArtGirl205

    My pet praying mantis Harley

    After a long absence mostly because I've been busy I've decided to return to here and start posting again
  5. Lyka Snowfiled

    Artist for SFW wolf x raptor commission wanted!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an artist who could do a decent veloceraptor x wolf (mast/pet) commission painting. Depending on the price it might be a headshot, bust or half-body with or without background. Budget lays somewehere between 20-40$ Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
  6. D

    Pet Lovers Thread

    A while ago I lost my Betta fish, Icarus, and was deeply upset from it. I found him in a tiny little bowl at the pet store, all by himself, so small and lonely. He broke my heart just looking at him. I bought him and took him home with me, along with a much larger bowl, ornaments, and all the...
  7. Tinzarone

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Spring YCH (your character or your pet) $25

    It's spring in the air which means pretty soon everything turns green and blossoms! If you want the first suppling to be found be your character, send me a note! Cats and dogs, but I can try to draw other species too Any gender Payment via PayPal www.furaffinity.net: Spring YCH by Tinzarone
  8. MasterDaye

    The Fabulous Art of 'Folk of Lore'

    So, have any of you guys heard of virtual pet sites? No joke, but I'm actually glad I caught it while it's still in the works, because it seriously has the potential to be pretty damn good, maybe even better than Furvilla! But I digress.. So what exactly is Folk of Lore? Well...
  9. Nacht.Wolf

    (Commission) Selling: Sale - Open for Pet/Fursona portraits! $15-$45

    I’m open for some pet/fursona portraits! The sketch shown is of my own Nala (my GSD) Offering three styles for sale right now. Simple sketch headshot - $15 Colored full body clean sketch - $25 (If not your pet, this is a -feral- version of your fursona) Full painted headshot - $45 Either...
  10. MommaSnek

    Master/Pet RP

    Hello my lovelies, So I have really been wanting to do a Master/pet rp for a while now, it can be SFW or NSFW but it has to have a heavy story either way. I would love something fantasy/medieval themed. Im looking to play the pet, as a feral creature that can talk and such. Master can be anthro...
  11. J

    abdl femboy pet rp

    im jasmine im a femboy fox looking to be a femboy diaper pet for someone. It can start as rp and maybe be more. if just rp I would like it to be a long-term rp. Any gender or species. Discord: ZJMT7098#5028
  12. Orana

    Dominant Panther Girl Seeking Casual Plaything (Discord/IMVU)

    I'm a dominant female panther girl, though I roleplay as human sometimes too. My kinks are listed below: ([g] for what I would be giving and [r] for what I would be receiving) Into: Accents [r] Affectionate domination [g] Appearing in your dreams [g] Attention [r] Biting [g] Blindfolds [g]...
  13. I

    Help me name my new fish

    Hi everyone! I am getting a pet betta fish next week and I have come up with some main names for him/her. I thought of something fancy like Amicus (Latin for friend) or Hercules/Athena (Greek names). I also considered Gemini based on my horoscope. Though like a good friend, it never hurts...
  14. pediachnid

    give the fur above you a pet!

    simple, give the furry above you a pet (or snack) because noone is above me, ill give the void a cat
  15. dragonight1993

    Dragon Federation- The Dragon Ownership Opportunity

    I found this on Kickstarter and it looks super cool!
  16. pollomostro

    (Commission) Selling: 15€ 200€+ Pet portraits, hundred of icons

    Prices depend on complexity and deadline. Payment upfront: paypal invoice (preferred) or Pollomostro's Profile - Commiss.io DM me for more info. Vector Images Can do an entire set of 300+ vector images (png provided if needed) starting at 15€ if it's a modification of the set below (for...
  17. mareenaicefin

    Help name my Cat-Fish?

    Hey guys! I decided to randomly make a Cat-Fish for my fursona, Mareena Icefin, as a pet feral. Only problem is... I have no idea what to name it, I don't even know what gender it is... Care to suggest a name and gender? So far for personality... the cat-fish is an asshole, not friendly...
  18. B

    game about real dogs and pets

    anyone heard of this underground indie game?
  19. T

    Alien abduction

    So i was thinking hey.. what if some alien grabbed a human and kept them around as a pet. Gets their own room / enclosure with "human tech" to keep occupied with. A good base with a lot to expand on. Interested in doing some alien abductions with some master pet play thrown in? hit me up!
  20. waifuart

    Cute animal pictures for $15+!