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  1. BabyBunnyBoy

    Beware: Kink Ahead! (mxm, fxf, mxf)

    Hey howdy hey - If you recognized the acronym in the title, I'm glad to see it caught your attention. I'll likely be around and able to reply at least a little bit on a mostly daily basis, though the times I will might be a bit scattered depending on my mood. It's worth noting I typically tend...
  2. Paix

    F anthro X M human for sexual pet play.

    Hello all, im looking for a lovely anthro girl for a long ish term pet play ERp, im not tremendously picky but girls who enjoy butt related stuff such as anal or hot dogging will be in luck, of course there will be other fetish stuff which im happy to discuss. Dog or canine anthros are...
  3. O

    Femboy Dragon Boi

    Hey all, Just a little short stack, femmy looking for someone to play with! Very open to mostly any characters and genders. But ladys with a lovely extra bit is much desired~ Theres nothing like serving one who can pamper you but also pound you into submission hehe~ But again anyone is welcome...
  4. Orana

    Is this you? (18+ only, please)

    I've been looking for quite some time for someone to roleplay with who's detailed, descriptive, and passionate about their character and the story we would write together, post by post. I'm a bit of a reluctant romantic; I'm mushy-gushy, but I don't like to be. I'm a Dominant, and I like to...