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  1. whoopsie-daisie

    I want a pet dragon

    All my life I have fantasied about have a pet dragon that I can ride on its back as we fly around the world. I love dragons and how powerful and beautiful they are. But, sadly dragons aren't that common IRL. When I move out of my parent's house, I would like to get a pet of my own, without...
  2. X

    Need advice (life stuff)

    I'm moving out into a new property after spending a year with my parents, having being evicted from my last house. I also have a small group of pets/companion animals and I'm not sure if it would be fair of me to take them away from my parent's house as the two birds I own have bonded with my...
  3. I

    What kind of pets do you own?

    I love animals. Most people do. That's why we often have them as companions and friends in our lives. Share your pets in this thread for all of us to enjoy. Post a picture or just describe them. I'll start with a friend I recently got. A betta fish named Icarus
  4. Simo

    Foxes were domesticated by humans in the Bronze Age

    I found these stories quite interesting, that I've seen in the past few weeks. And to think of how hard it is to 'domesticate' the foxes on this forum :p www.sciencedaily.com: Foxes were domesticated by humans in the Bronze Age www.thevintagenews.com: New Evidence Reveals Bronze Age Humans...
  5. Saige

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency Commissions. Please read..

    It has sadly become that time.. My aussie is in need of surgery. She was playing with a bigger dog that we have and apparently things got a little too rough, and she has torn the ACL in her leg. She's completely unable to use her back left leg, and I currently do not have the money to pay for...
  6. Ravofox

    your funniest animal encounter

    G'day! We all know animals can be pretty darn silly! I'm sure all of us would have had at least one funny interaction with an animal, whether it's a pet, in the wild, on the street or at a zoo! So, don't be shy and post some of your wackiest encounters you've had with an animal! To kick things...
  7. BaoBun

    Let me see your pets!!

    I love animals a lot and wanted to see everyone’s pets! These are mine, we have 2 dogs and 2 chinchillas!
  8. pediachnid

    keeping odd/generally unloved/hated pets: support and advice

    hello again, im deciding on keeping a pet German cockroach that i found at work, problem is i cant find any advice besides people telling me to kill it, same when i shir the fact i keep spiders to people, and finding advice on the common centipede or harvestmen was a hassle, so im making this...
  9. KyooTea

    Post your pets!

    I wanna see them! This is Morning Star, my spikey ball of doom and destruction. She just had a bath. Her favorite thing is her wheel (or to eat and honestly same).
  10. X

    Fursona/Pets: match and clash?

    I feel uneasy when my fursona matches the pets/companion animals I keep. For a while I had a greyhound, and at the time my 'sona was a greyhound. I can't explain it, but it felt weird and wrong. Pretending to be the same species as my pets , I mean. I keep parrots and snakes and I could never...
  11. N


    For those that want to escape politics, here's a thread to brag about your animals. Show us your best pet pictures. Bunny and Missy (my dad's pets) Gracie (Missy's older sister) Bonnie the gecko (showed her on another post I think) Phil the baby boa (my brothers' holding him)
  12. SofiMXD

    [20$]animal portrait [Digital] OPEN 2/2

    new type of commission !! digital portrait based on a photo. Type 1: Type 2: only for personal photos. or photos that have Permission from the person who took them. Type 1: natural colors(keeping it realistic and authentic) |20$ Type 2: unnatural colors(+lightning)| 25$ where to find me...
  13. AustinB

    What are some examples of an irresponsible pet owner?

    Off the top of my head, I can think of: -Someone who constantly brags about owning their pet(s) -Someone who forces their pet(s) to eat a vegan or vegetarian based diet even if they aren’t omnivores (like snakes and cats, for example) -Someone who has the constant need to baby their pet(s)...
  14. A

    Show off your pets!

    The last thread I found about posting photos of your pets seemed to be from July... so mods, please delete if I should instead piggyback on that almost 4 month-old thread. Otherwise... feel free to introduce your pets/'furchildren' here! I'm looking forward to seeing your cute...
  15. Rant

    Art for Sadboi

    My bird Sadboi is always picked on and feels bad about himself. Can you guys draw him looking cool so he can feel better about himself? More about Sadboi, yes that's his name. He likes to sit in my hand like it's a nest, he's always losing feathers dispite his wonderful diet. (Feather loss...
  16. WolfNightV4X1

    "Rescuing" animals is not a glorious job

    So two days ago I found a dog at the park on a weekday, it was pretty vacant and I figured I'd find a public access spot to kick back for a bit because I was waaaay early for work. The dog was scared, and I couldn't even approach it. Using "dog language" I passed by it several times, but not too...
  17. syrupcomfiture

    NEEDLEFELT COMMISSIONS ~ $10 USD each! ~ 5 slots open

    Hey everyone! I'm now offering needlefelt commissions! I'm fairly new to the craft, but I'm loving it and would love to make one for you. ^^ I can do Furries, Humans, Pets, Pokemon, ETC! +$5 for heavy detail (EX: Extra limbs, wings) What is needlefelt? from aussiefelts : "Needle felting is the...
  18. Beatle9

    If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

    Any animal, fictional or real, wild or domestic. It would be guaranteed not to harm you or anyone close to you, and you would have the means to take care of it for the rest of its life. Mine would be a grizzly bear. Bears are my favorite animal, because they can be both badass and adorable...
  19. AlleycatIrony

    show me pictures of your pets!

    hello! i wanna see pics of everyone's furry, scaley or feathery companions! this is my cat, archie! he's kinda fat and is a massive baby when he wants to be (his full name is archiebald ponchachie chungy 'jingles' caramel-tush chungerson) i also plan on getting a couple of black moor goldfish...
  20. SatynaPaperArts

    Your IRL pet portrait. Commissions are open!

    Hi guys!:) I can paint a portrait of your pet:) just write me a note or a comment. Material- gouache on paper Size a5 portrait- 30$, size a4 portrait- 40$, size a4 half/fullbody- 50$ Shipping all world 6$ My FA page- Userpage of satynapaper -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Examples: