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  1. Rant

    Worried about my new dog

    So i now have a 3yo border collie. Shes smart and sweet but for some reason she fears the couch. Like, will not walk past it, stares at it from the other side of the room and even cries when I'm on it. Wtf can I do about this? Shes not afraid of any other piece of furniture we own, just this...
  2. Volvom

    Introduce us your pets!

    I didn't find with search any thread about this, but if there is already somewhere one or more, sorry about this. Main idea is that you introduce your pet(s) and maybe show picture about it. Tell the story behind your animal companions (if they're from shelters or other stories) and talk with...
  3. Kioskask

    If you could have any pet...

    Soooo, if you could have ANY pet in the entire world, what would it be? I would have a Chinchilla.
  4. PrismaKitty

    Tell me about your pet(s)!

    Just wanted to start a fun convo about pets, because they're great. :3 I have a cat named Luna who's black with a white chest patch and white armpit fur, and she has yellow eyes. She loves following me and my parents around, she always has to be where people are. She also likes to steal stuff...
  5. Nukaleu

    $15 Smallies - LAST WEEK at this price

    I sell little, YCH commissions called Smallies. They are 512px square (Telegram sticker size) toony drawings of OC's, pets, and other critters. Customers receive jpg and transparent png versions of the commissioned image. See samples below, or follow this link to see my Smallie gallery: Artwork...