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  1. Kope

    Philosophical Discussion (No Politics)

    I’ll start with something I’ve been thinking about recently and that is what are the limits to man’s greed? We always seem to want more and more. What is that breaking point?
  2. Punji

    What defines personhood? When is a person truly gone?

    A philosophy question for the ages! A common route of thought for philosophers is to describe personhood as either the physical self or the physical body, the intelligent mind/personal will, or (though not always) the spiritual/metaphysical self or body. The body -- "Follow the body and you...
  3. insertgenericnamehere1

    Honor φιλότιμο

    So this is something that's been on my mind for a few weeks, maybe even months, and I wanted to write about this somewhere. Now I'm on here so here goes nothing, grab some popcorn: Here in Greece there is a word called, 'φιλότιμο' or 'philotimo'. It doesn't really translate into English mostly...
  4. D

    Any Nihilists Here?

    Any nihilists in the fandom? If so, who is your favorite nihilistic philosopher? I find the topic of nihilism interesting to discuss with people who follow it. It is definitely something to learn more about.
  5. D

    Furry Philosophy Telegram Group!

    I have made a Telegram group for furries who are into philosophical discussion. Feel free to join! t.me: Philosofurs
  6. D

    Philosophy Furry Telegram Group!

    I made a Telegram group for those furries who are interested in philosophical and theological discussion! Feel free to join! t.me: Philosophy Furs
  7. Telnac

    What is your faith/doctrine/religion (if any?)

    THIS IS NOT A DEBATE TOPIC! If you want to debate, make your own thread! What is your faith/doctrine/religion/guiding philosophy (if any?)