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  1. lazygout

    How do you take nice product photos?

    Hey all, I recently finished up a commission and I need assistance and advice when it comes to taking photos. This one is just a head. Any tips on composition, lighting, backgrounds, etc? I want to build up my portfolio properly and this is my first big step to doing that. TYIA (head in question)
  2. M

    Any Scottish Furries?

    Hello! I am looking to gain contact with any Scottish Furries, it has only become apparent to me that there is a community of Furries in Scotland. I am a photographer based in Glasgow and would love to get in contact with members of the community and hopefully meet to better educate myself on...
  3. ArtGirl205

    My new mantis Ivy.

    Harley tragically died barely a week after moulting and so I decided to go look for another mantis to fill the empty hole in my mantis adoring heart I found this pretty green girl.
  4. Kristofferson

    [MFF] Offering dedicated photoshoots!

    I'm breaking out of my shell somewhat at MFF this year, and I'm offering dedicated photoshoots to anyone interested, as time slots allow. Suiters and non-suiters alike are welcome. I am open to doing suit photos, portraits, spicier things, or pretty much anything you'd like. If you're...
  5. Xitheon

    Are these okay/good photographs?

    I'm thinking of taking a photography course. How good/bad are my amateurish attempts thus far?
  6. SkorpioPrince


    So I bought a Nikon D40 and D60, and I have a kit lens (18-55mm), a 55-200mm zoom lens, and a 50mm f1.8 prime lens that I've recently bought. So far I've been using my D60 the most and been practicing a bit with my other lenses and the manual mode on my camera. I was thinking of getting more...
  7. L

    What camera do you use?

    if you like taking pretty pictures, share what camera you have! I’m a complete dunce in terms of camera jargon and models and all that, but I wanted to see what everyone else has anyway.
  8. F

    Midlands Photographer looking for volunteers

    Hey! I am a student at Nottingham Trent University and Lecturer at Lincoln College both studying MA photography and teaching A-level. I have been aware of the sub-culture of Furries for a couple of years, but recently meeting a few in Lincoln City centre. I was awed by the quality and detail of...
  9. F

    Big Hello from Lincolnshire, UK (Midlands)

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for stopping and reading my post. I am a student at Nottingham Trent University and Lecturer at Lincoln College. I am a photographer by trade and this brings me to the reason for Joining Fur affinity. I have been aware of the sub-culture of Furries for a couple of years...
  10. DylanM40

    Pentax Cameras

    I was kinda wondering if anyone ever messed with a Pentax Camera. I just realized I don't know whole lot about that particular brand.
  11. T

    Sexy Furry Action Figures?

    Hey there! First thread here for me, hope this goes well! So, anybody who's seen my user page on the site would probably guess just what I'm going on about, but I'll spell it out a bit. I'm a toy collector, and while I usually focus on Transformers and the occasional sexy superheroine action...
  12. DylanM40

    Opinions On The Sony A6000

    I just got the Sony A6000 this past week. Got to play around with this weekend though didn't take any photos I was exactly proud of but that will come with time. I took some night time shots out in the country and did took some while in a park near where I live. I'll probably take some more...
  13. L

    Can't Remember Webcomic

    I've been having the hardest time trying to remember a certain webcomic but I can't. It's about a guy rooming with 2 girls and he can't find a job. One of the girls want to be a model. They go to a mall for the girl to try out for modeling. He finds a camera store and happens to get hired. The...
  14. Luku_Zuku

    Need a little help for a School Project...

    Hello... I need some serious help by asking a serious question. As some of you MAY know, I'm currently a photography student. For my upcoming Photographty 10 hour exam, I'll be making a response work to "To This Day" By Shane Koyzcan, on youtube. It's an anti-bullying word poem. So, I need to...
  15. Luku_Zuku

    The Start of a new Fur

    Hey, so, I'm really new to the fandom, and there's no time like the present to get started on my first fursona. Please please please let me know what possible things I could think about changing. Name: Luku Zuku Age: 19 Sex: Male Species: Fennec Fox Height: 6'5" Weight: about 160 pounds...
  16. 11Sharn11

    Couple picture, SFW, Budget of $100+ (Flexible!)

    Hi everybody! I'm currently searching for an artist to commission my two characters, Wolfsiege and Sharn (Both seen here: 11Sharn11 on Toyhouse ) for a couple picture styled around that of a photography session! I'd love to have it styled around a retro, 50's pose/expression set, similar to the...