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  1. Y

    What art software do you use?

    Amateur artist here, looking to learn about digital art. For a complete beginner, what software should I be learning to use? I know there are free things like Gimp, but if I ever wanted to get serious down the future and use things with more features like Photoshop, the stuff I learned in Gimp...
  2. S


    Hi! I didn't just wanna say "I'm new here" because that's a little obvious so here I am, poppin' in to say hello! I JUST started drawing furry art, but I'm a multi media artist currently learning Blender, and trained in the Adobe Suite, so I hope you look forward to what I have to offer :) You...
  3. O

    American Dragon: Jake Long Fan Comic! Check it Out!

    (On-Site Link) Hello all you beautiful people! This is a post about my new plan to release a fan comic based on American Dragon: Jake Long! This is the cover for it! If you guys like it I might post more about it here! ^_^. Trying to start my new year off by getting into gear with my stuff...
  4. Doodle Bunny

    (Commission) Selling: March Commissions!!! (Starting @ $10)

    The sheet: Examples:
  5. Tuttifluffy

    Some new arts >(ˆ>.<ˆ)<

    We thought we could share some of our new arts with you! We hope you enjoy the new style we have been working on <3
  6. FurryHouseWife

    Favourite Art Program for Tablet Use?

    Trying to start drawing on a tablet again, what programs does everybody use?
  7. Scyro

    I need a Dragon PFP

    Im looking for a feral fluffy Dragon pfp that is full colored sfw and showing its maw, I can't pay for it, but I can Photoshop some pictures in return. Here are my Photoshop examples: rayojarr.wixsite.com: Photo Editing | Audubon Edits
  8. Scyro

    New Profile Pic

    Im looking for a new Dragon pfp that is full colored sfw and showing its maw, I can't pay for it, but I can Photoshop some pictures in return.
  9. Crimcyan

    Let me photoshop your whatever

    Posting this in games beacuse they are gonna be REALLY bad or decent, and its also a mystery on what your gonna get. So just post any picture of your fursona or whatever the fuck (can be anything) and I will photoshop it into some random ass thing or a meme , If you want to post a nsfw picture...
  10. KushFox

    My Fursona (Twitch Stream)

    Hey, yo. I will be streaming me drawing my Fursona on Twitch if anyone wants to come watch or something. I don't mind if you drop by. Lol. I won't be doing commentary tonight, though. EDIT: Yes. I will in fact be doing commentary. Guest star: Zanch.
  11. SofiMXD

    SofiMXD Commissions - digital painting

    Hey you guys ! :) My name is Sofi and I would love to do some art for you ♥ what can I draw ? ferals: canines, felines, birds.... I am open for trying new animals , just ask ( : payment is through PayPal in USD my work : recent examples 2018>> Updated price list : PRICE-LIST Terms of...
  12. Grimm Hund

    Looking for Artist; Need Art Base to Use

    I'm currently working on getting one of my commissioners to show some progress on my pieces. I have little to no money for anything else but I have so much more that I want done. I have experience in digital art and utilizing Photoshop. What I need is a lineart or a colored base for a ref...
  13. lupus-lup

    Showing off my 3D arts

    Hello furries, I wanted to share with you my newest 3D models to promote myself a bit in here ≧◡≦ Lup's (Fursona) Head WIP LiLaiRa's Endy Redraw - One year comparison Lup's Reference Sheet
  14. J

    I'm new, am I good enough for comissions?

    Hi guys, this is my very first post here, I was wondering if any of you guys think i have a chance to make a little money doing commissions, I have never done any, the few times anyone has asked me to draw anything ive done it for free. I usually just draw random OCs, usually humans, but I also...
  15. vialu

    Technique - What to do?

    Hey FA forum-ers, I'm having some trouble improving certain parts of my technique and want to know what you do to improve specific things. Not drawing subjects or things like that - more practice helps those - but I mean things that you need to learn something new to be able to practice... do...