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physical item

  1. yuckytheartist

    (Commission) Selling: Selling Physical Items ! (Badges&more !)

    Need more examples of badges/pyhsical items ! So im opening these ! Open for mini symmetrical, traditional badges ! Starting at 10$ without shipping ! Open for normal traditional badges ! Starting at 25$ without shipping ! Open for fursona Plushie tags ! 10$ without shipping Open for...
  2. Fairytoons

    Hiring: ($100+) Hello looking for a metal pendent to be made

    Hello looking for a metal pendent to be made Will be a physical item Will have a sapphire stone/jem Budget: A very open $100 Payment method: PayPal, cash app, Kofi are my preferred methods of payment
  3. nuada

    Hiring: I've got $50 to spend!

    My birthday is next week and I have some birthday money to spend! I'm looking for art that can be sent to me via post, either a digital print or traditional artwork. The shipping price is not included in the $50, I will pay for that separately. I'd prefer to pay in installments; half before...
  4. fenchfletcher

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Fursona Commissions starting at $12.00

    Open for custom perler commissions. Prices are as follows: Fursona head badges Small: $12 Medium: $25 Large: $35 Dolls: $50 Boxes: $60 Pawprint: $12 Candy gore paws: $25 Magnets, keychains, lanyards, badge clips, and lock latches/hinges for boxes cost extra. Lanyards will be basic black...
  5. fenchfletcher

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Perler Bead Commissions starting at $12+shipping

    I am open for Perler Bead commissions through my FA. If you are interested in a commission please send me a note here: Userpage of murchman-creations -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or reply to this post. I can do any species and have a fast turn-around time of less than one week on average from...
  6. MadXStitcher

    (Commission) Selling: Hand-Made Tapestry Wall Art | $45-2000+

    Photo-realistic or drawn bases. Prices start at $45 for approx. 3 x 6". Maximum dimensions 25 x 35", $2000+. These pieces are hand-stitched on fabric of your choice. Multiple resolutions are available, similar to digital image DPI. Change the amount of dots per inch to make the same image...
  7. MadXStitcher

    (Commission) Selling: Badges and Iron-on Patches | BASE: $25-105

    These start at $25, and go up depending on size and additional options. The sizes listed above are those for which I currently have the materials in stock. Other sizes are available, but there will be a delay and additional materials fee. You can see additional sizes and options here ✨ More...
  8. Strawberry Mink

    $5 Generic Animal Charms and $12 Custom 'Sona Charms Free US Shipping!

    To start things off, both Charm Types are a little over four inches long each. Lamination, keyfob, and PNG file are all included in the cost. Both Charm types are backed with double sided patterned cardstock paper. I have a wide variety of these patterns, and I tend to choose the one that fits...
  9. P

    Cross Stitch Badges - Open Comissions

    What I am offering are one of a kind, (totally unique!) hand stitched, physical badges! My badges are all original patterns. No one badge is ever recolored for someone else. Badges are a three step process - from original art, to personally converted pattern (no auto software here!), to stitched...