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  1. Thrashy

    I'm going to hell for this

    Had a weak moment, where I've drawn a picture of Thrashy. Keep in mind, that I haven't drawn voluntarily for years :D So, here's the abomination xD I had some kind of template, I've searched for "cartoon skunk" on Google images. So technically, only the battle jacket and the beer can is...
  2. D

    Need Avatar for FurAffinity World

    Honestly I don't know what this will go for? I know I'll easily pay $10-30 for a good profile pic, but my problem is that im not even sure how I'd appear.... X"D I'm a human, an open-minded Christian, a gamer, a micro(or normal sized next to a giantess), a scaley, a poet, a deep-thinker, a...
  3. Sultz Z. Wolf

    New Year's Resolution commission

    I am looking for an artist that can do a New Year's Resolution pic that is exactly like the ones seen here, same art style, typeface for the words, everything: www.furaffinity.net: DJ's Resolution by jonas www.furaffinity.net: Stoker's Resolution by jonas www.furaffinity.net: Darsen's...
  4. Deathless

    Profile Picture Size

    I was wondering if there was a way to make it so you can make bigger pictures to fit into a profile picture. I would love to make someone's art my profile picture without cropping it (too much). I'm not sure if it can even be changed but I think it's something to consider if the change is...
  5. C

    update picture size on FA?

    so i use MS Paint for my drawings (dont judge me or tell me to get a better art program) and i hate how the maximum size is 1280 x 1280 im thinking maybe try to update it? maybe 2000 x 2000? just dont go to overboard, i get it.
  6. Ruchiel

    Furry digital commission from 8$

    Hello, I would like to offer my services, if you are looking for illustration, reference of your OC of any kind, icon/avatar or just simple sketch... and more. I think I can handle almost every topic. ;) My galleries: Userpage of Ruchiel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net , Ruchiel on DeviantArt Here...
  7. DravenDonovan

    7 Character Xmas Group Art

    *Closed* Price Range: $100-$600 Artist Style/Ability: Looking for someone who draws in an Anime/Manga style, who is capable of drawing; Humans, Anthros (Fox/Dragon), Kemonomimis (Humans with animal ears/tails), Armor, and maybe even weapons. Needs to also be good with backgrounds, which will...
  8. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    open for business

    as the title says i am ready for some work, all art pieces done by me start at $5 and go up from there depending on how big or elaborate you want, whatever kind of picture you want I can do it,fursona pic, sketch, ,fan art and so on just message me and ask . I do accept pay pal ,the easiest...
  9. DragonLolita

    Semi-Transformed Split Picture SALE

    I am offering these types of pictures (where you take a pic and I transform 1/2 of your face into a character of your choosing) for CHEAP $10 for a flatcolor (shown) $15 for a shaded version~!! IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE SPEED PAINT OF YOUR CHARACTER-YOU EITHER NEED TO BE A PATREON OR ADD $2 TO...
  10. Paul Bourgeois

    Need pic for furry self.

    So I kinda was needing some help. Could anyone direct me, or even make a german shepherd version me. Well you know furry version. If someone could help with that I'd be so happy. New to everything.
  11. Nova25

    This is not a valid PNG. - Downloaded pictures

    Not sure, if someone you can solve this strange mystery... Every pictures that I 'download' from *some* artists, that are specifically in the *.png format, if I try to open them on my computer it always tells me ''This is not a valid PNG file.'' If I rename the extension to *.jpg , everything...