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  1. LizardKing05

    Hiring: ($35+) (CLOSED) Reference Page for Chubby Pig Comm

    Seeking artist who can draw: 1. Chubby / fat characters / non-realistic art style (aka cartoon) 2. Backgrounds 3. NSFW art (nudity) Willing to pay between $35 and $45. Here's the character I'd like drawn in a proper reference sheet (made using Fursona Maker, edited in gimp, and cropped out the...
  2. D

    Looking for two pig TF stories

    Hello, I have been looking for two specific pig TF stories I recall reading, but can't seem to find anymore, so hopefully someone here could recognize them and help. :] The first one was about a girl who's browsing social media, wondering how she could catch the attention of a specific boy...
  3. V

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Set price, Character, 7 art pieces.

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40136883/ 1 piece is a quickpaint from a stream from Thefuckingdevil. 3 stream sketch paintings from Viriden. 1 stream coloured sketch from Kardie and 1 that has two versions, a commission from Niu on twitter. So the original price for all of it that I paid...
  4. C

    The Unnatural (awesome image furry comic)

    Hey, I'm just trying to raise awareness for this awesome comic from Image called The Unnatural, it's about this pig girl named Leslie losing finding out she has some kind of power inside of her that a shady group wants to exploit for their own ends, she is being helped out by a white wolf with...
  5. Pinky

    Looking for a simple reference sheet ($20-$40 budget)

    Hello! I'm looking for a simple front and behind reference sheet with written info on the side for my fursona Pinky. It could also include some extra things like various expressions or poses if it fits into my budget. My budget is up to $50 CAD which is around $40 USD and I can pay through...
  6. Rooooox

    Magic Furry Adoptable Series! $10+

    Hi! I just returned to FA and I have some great New Adoptable Designs! Affordable and Cute so check them out! www.furaffinity.net: Magical Adopts: Part 1 by Rooooox
  7. PeachyPangolin

    Hi. This is My Art.

    Check out my gallery :Userpage of peachypangolin -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. Simo

    If you had to hunt/raise and butcher all your own meat, would you still eat it?

    Let's suppose a hypothetical situation: If you had to either hunt or raise animals for meat, and kill and butcher them, would you still eat meat? Or possibly not as often? I grew up in a very rural area, where hunting was pretty common, though I was never into it myself. I did eat a good deal...