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  1. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Commission) Selling: Collaborative 3D-Printed Pin Commissions: $57.50+ [OPEN]

    Sascha-Snowstorm and I are teaming up once again to offer a new type of commission, this time related to my silhouette designs! If you already own one of my silhouette designs, you can commission a pin with that. However, most people will have to buy a custom silhouette design for their pin...
  2. WolfySilver

    (Other) Selling: Rat Enamel Pin Badges - Starting at £8.00

    Hello, I've recently started a kickstarter to be able to create my winged rat enamel pin badges. They will be 35mm in size and made in hard enamel. Pledges start at £8.00 for one pin badge (although higher pledges make it cheaper per pin if you want multiple rattie pins! :D) I also have...
  3. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Pocari Roo Saves the Kitties Fundraiser!

    Pocari Roo has an Indiegogo charity campaign to support Flatbush Cats, an NYC cat rescue! ( Indiegogo link is below video on Youtube! ) You can get great rewards by donating, like T Shirts, posters, pins, and a custom plush of Pocari Roo! Also, more donations mean more bonus items...
  4. Aet

    Give Me Your Ladies

    Practicing NSFW, candy gore, pin ups, etc. Might do sketches, might do full colored, might not do yours at all. Post your ladies! Also down for trades!
  5. Hellsingkitten

    Flat Rate Clay Slots Open ($25-$40)

    Hello all. I have clay commission slots open. These are for 1 1/2" pins, clay plush style sculpts and clay wind-up style sculpts. There are some examples of my work included below. Feel free to comment on here, send me a note on FA or comment on one of my links if interested. -Custom pins are...