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  1. S

    LF Sci-fi 1x1 over Discord or PMs

    Exactly what it says, folks! I'm mainly interested in themes like galactic bounty hunters or pirates floating around space to have adventures and such. Any species with any kind of power is allowed, but don't exaggerate it and go OP. No smut or cringy stuff, but no further requirements I...
  2. Sky_Altruism

    Anthro-fox swashbuckler theme ($65+ budget)

    Heya I am commissioning a picture for a friend of mine. His fursona is an anthro-red fox, with a fur coat colour similar to that of an actual red fox. Initial idea is to have him in a swashbuckler outfit with cutlass/rapier and possibly a fancy hat in a full body rendering. Simple background...
  3. M

    Looking to have fun. (Xbox One)

    I play Gta quite a bit and I'm just looking for people to do heists and races and whatnot. Just general dicking around. My gamertag is MotaRessu, and I lead a pirate crew called The ShimmyShammies.