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pixel art

  1. Mile★

    (Commission) Selling: ★ Mile's Art Shop [OPEN • SFW • $12-$100+] Sketches / Pixel Art / Flat Shaded / Semi realistic / Ref sheets / Chibis / Stickers / Icons ★

    ★₊˚Mile's Art Shop˚₊★ Sketches ✩ Pixel Art ✩ Flat Shading ✩ Semi realistic ✩ Reference sheets Name's Mile ✩ She/Her I'm a digital illustrator and graphic designer who's currently taking Paypal commissions. I can draw humans, animals, anthros, mythical creatures, fanart, chibis, just ask...
  2. Animela

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Animela's Pixel Stop + Animation ($5-60+)

    Welcome to Animela's Pixel Stop & Animation Center! I'm Animela and I pride myself in specializing in Pixel Art, Sprites and Animation! I've been working with Pixels since 2010, Animation since 2011 and professionally since 2015. While I can do digital art I'll mostly be showing off the skill...
  3. nicxv

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) High quality art +free pixel art version (pixel art, semi realism, cartoonish and comic style)

    Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm a small Brazilian artist who draw on the mouse, I can draw in any style you want or I can try to mimic another artist style. I do commissions since january 2020 but I'm pretty new to FA. I Have some reviews too on my site and my FA account I'm highly trustable for...
  4. fenchfletcher

    (Commission) Selling: Unlimited art slave deal- $200 monthly

    I am willing to make a deal with someone to be a long term art slave. Here's how it works: For $200 per month (which can be broken up into $50 per week payments) I will make as much digital art, as many animations, and as many stories as you'd like (within reason, I am only human after all and...
  5. teacozy1

    Free Art: Pixel art anyone? (Closed)

    Hey I'm lurking back after forever to see if anyone wants some pixel art from me. I will probably just pick and choose who gets what since thats how I usually roll. Examples:
  6. fenchfletcher

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Perler Bead Commissions starting at $12+shipping

    I am open for Perler Bead commissions through my FA. If you are interested in a commission please send me a note here: Userpage of murchman-creations -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or reply to this post. I can do any species and have a fast turn-around time of less than one week on average from...
  7. Hound-of-chulainn

    Free Art: HoC's Freebie Sprites (closed)

    Doing some freebie pixel art / sprites in addition to my commission page. Since they're freebies, size/animations and such I'll decide depending on how I'm feeling, But I'm looking to do one or two a week while I've got some extra time on my hands. If you'd like to see some of my art, feel...
  8. Hound-of-chulainn

    (Commission) Selling: HoC's Sprite Shop Starting at $5 (Open)

    I've been away from the community for a while, but I'm back with my sprite shop. I do pixel art and animations, but also 3D models and digital paintings, but those I'll be adding on here later. __________________________________________________________________ I don't have any NSFW works, but...
  9. BunnyMouseFox

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel Commission Types ($12-45)

    Decided to consolidate all of my commission info into one place! Yay! So, it will be item, price, examples, and then a link to a google form (how I keep track of commissions). All pieces are given in three sizes: Original, sized up, and then an even bigger one. Pixel Headshot- $25 Click...
  10. Kylan Velpa

    Getting started and pricing

    So recently I started practicing more pixel art. I had prior experience, though not much. After making a cute image for my BF on Valentine's day I picked it back up again, and started adapting it into a cute sticker/emote pack for my sona Kylan. People seem to like them a lot, furs and non-furs...
  11. teacozy1

    Free Art: Pixel icons? (closed)

    Fancy doing some pixel icons. Need to get back into the pixel game once more. So here are some examples for you all. Sometimes it might have more movement and sometimes it will be basic. It will just depend how I feel on the day of drawing it. Examples:
  12. Thataveragedude

    Hiring: Pixel animator SFW ($10 per piece).

    Hi there, I'm ThatAverageDude, I'm creating a game called Feline Fantasies which features a couple of items in pixel format. However, since the game is growing a bit, I figured it'd be fun if these items were animated to give them more life and make them look more appealing. They're meant to be...
  13. Lewpha

    Free Art: Pixel art

    I've missed making cute little pixels, so I made some brushes on Procreate that I want to test out and get the feel for. Will be something the lines of www.furaffinity.net: Lewpha Chibi by Uibbi Though, I do not know if these brushes will be able to produce the same lines. :3 Give me your...
  14. Pulmocean

    (Commission) Selling: CHEAP Sketches and Full Commissions! (10$-100$)

    Prices: Sketch: Headshot: 10 $ Halfbody: 15 $ Fullbody: 35 $ Sketch art examples: Full art: Headshot: 17 $ Halfbody: 25 $ Fullbody: 50 $ Full art examples: Pixel art: Headshot: 10 $ Halfbody: 15 $ Fullbody: 30 $ Pixel art examples: Simple background: 5-15 $ Detailsed...
  15. Pulmocean

    Pulmo's arts (NEW EYE TUTORIAL!)

    Hello everyone! Just want to share my arts, ych, adopts and commissions with you all! Please enojy :) My FA: Userpage of Pulmocean -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  16. Icsbonkun

    [Animal Crossing K.K Cover] Baby you're a Haunted House

    Made this cute but short K.K Slider cover <3 Enjoy <3 https://youtu.be/y61aQDv9tQs
  17. Icsbonkun

    Hello! I haven't introduced myself

    I have been on furaffinity for quite some time but I haven't done a post on the forums:( I like doing cute drawings and getting to know people
  18. forgu

    Pixel/Icon Commissions Open! [$15-$35]

    hi! ^_.^ i'm opening 5 more slots for these. please inbox me here if you're interested or have any questions! i accept payment via paypal invoices or cashapp & have about a 3-5 day turnover between commissions! i can do risque art, but no nsfw!
  19. Dotachin-san

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions OPEN! Price range $10 - $100

    Hello, once again, I am selling commissions... FIRST OF ALL Please, read my terms of service, it is really important since you agree to those terms with buying a commission. Payments will be done via PayPal. Prices are calculated by my country's minimum wage (Germany/€9.19) and an estimation of...
  20. Tinycat000

    Talksprite YCH ($12-$15 Open)

    Please use this link to comment ^^ www.furaffinity.net: Shady Talksprite YCH (Open) by Tinycat000