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pixel art

  1. Tinycat000

    Talksprite YCH ($12-$15 Open)

    Please use this link to comment ^^ www.furaffinity.net: Shady Talksprite YCH (Open) by Tinycat000
  2. desoiateangel

    (Commission) Selling: $5 - $20 Paypal Commissions!

    Hi there!! I'm new to FA and right now, I'm in need of money for a chest binder! [I'm nonbinary and I have dysphoria.] I also like having money saved for any stuff I may need or want in the future! Rules: - No fetish art. - No backgrounds. - Human, neko, and anthro only. - USD Paypal only. -...
  3. teacozy1

    Free Art: Pixel Practice~! (closed)

    Hey there guys~! I'm back at it with more pixel art. I want to try and push myself to do stuff like the example bellow. Stuff with a simple background and shading. For this I'll only pick a few people. Also please give me info about what sort of background you want. Remember its going to be...
  4. Angelfelis

    (Commission) Selling: $30 Chibi Pixel Commissions

    Hi everyone, I'm Angel! I am offering chibi pixel commissions like so: I'm currently working on adding more examples. Cost is $30 per character; feathered wings are an additional $5. I require either a reference image or detailed description of your character. I accept payment through...
  5. misnina

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel Art (Static and Animated) [Open to Mostly Anything] $30 - $90+

    This may seem odd because I haven't drawn very much furry art, but I'm perfectly willing! You can commission me through here and we can use paypal, or you can commission me through my commiss.io. I'm new here, so please excuse me if I've missed something. Can't Do: I can do NSFW I'm just not...
  6. heinrichbalmer

    (Base/YCH) Selling: PIXEL PRIDE YCH( FP: 10 USD)

    -Cat/Doggo -Possible alterations (hair, clothes, breasts size) --You can chose a solid color for the background or a gradient. -Paypal only. -Payment should be paid 24h after the auction ends. -It will be finished within maximum 5 days, but I'll try to start right away when I receive the...
  7. teacozy1

    (Commission) Selling: Chibi pixels

    Chibi pixels: In GBP-£5.00 In USD- $6.52 Price is different just to account for the change in currency. If you are unsure how much it will cost you are more than welcome to ask me to total it up for you. Please fill out this form if commissioning one of these Character reference: Pose...
  8. teacozy1

    (Commission) Selling: Chibi pixel commission~!

    Well these got quite a bit of attention on my DA so I though I would share them on here. So here is a little form to fill in for these chibi pixels. They are $5 each. You just have to fill in this form to get one. Form for chibi pixels Character reference: Pose: Expression: Examples:
  9. teacozy1

    Art Trade: Chibi art trades~! (Open)

    Just fancy doing some chibi art trades. I'll only be doing a few so sorry if your character doesn't get picked. Please send a reference when asking for a trade. Its not ideal when someone says drawing the character in my icon because its hard to work from such a small image. All art trades I...
  10. Animela

    (Commission) Selling: Animation, Cute Pixels & Chibis - $10-$20

    Prices are below Examples. First Price(bold) is Base, if it can have Animation Added to it the Animation Price is the Total after animation is added. No hidden fees. Lick Icons count extra animation as anything that isn't inital Lick aka extra actions or animated backgrounds. Giftboxes: $10...
  11. Marcl

    Free Art: Free Pixel Art Profile Pictures [CLOSED]

    Hello! So I've started to make pixel art profile pictures. The size is 64x64. I'd like to add some more to my gallery so I can have more examples and I need to practice. Check out my gallery on FA: Artwork Gallery for Marcl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net So post here a reference - something that...
  12. Marcl

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel art profile pictures

    Hello! So I am making pixel art profile pictures. Like these one: Also you can check out my gallery on FA: Artwork Gallery for Marcl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net The image size is 64x64, but I also provide a scaled-up version. While there's little space for the background, we can come up...
  13. Hound-of-chulainn

    Spriting / pixel animation comissions

    Hey everyone, I've been away for a little while, but I'm looking to start up doing commissions again, focusing more on spritework. Prices are $5 for a small sprite and $7 for a large sprite. Animations are an additional $5 for 4 small frames and $7 for 4 large frames Backgrounds are free for...
  14. K1ND

    K1ND's Fall Commissions (: Open! Starting at $7

    Payment Via Paypal in USD! more samples on my dA & FA Feral Headshot: $7 Bust: $10 Fullbody: $15-$20 (Depending on character complexity, +$3-5 background +$3/prop) Anthro Fullbody: $15-$20 (Depending on character complexity, +$3-5 background +$3/prop) Sketch Page: $10 (Limited Pallet ~5 colors...
  15. Nintendeered

    !~Commissions Open~! $5-$50 [2 Slots]

    If you would like to get a commission, simply respond to this post in a comment, send me a note, or contact me on telegram @Nintedeered Please read my T.O.S. before commissioning me! Sketches ~Uncolored $5 ~Colored $8 ~Extra Character +$3 Headshot/Icons (Comes with simple background) ~Flat...
  16. Nowlia

    ~ SymSilveon's commissions ~ innauguration sale!

    ~ Hello, pretties. I've started setting things up a few months ago, but life came in the way and now I'm officially opening this shop with an inauguration sale! I won't have infinite slots (because, well, work) so if you're interested please go ahead and grab yours! ✨ Simple Shading //...
  17. Maria3313

    [OPEN] Cheap, Cute Commissions <3 Digital &Pixel art

    Hiya, I'm Mari and welcome to my art shop! I'm looking for some comms to do, and decided to open shop over here! Opening notes (to be added to!) -I don't really have many things I don't draw, but I def won't draw complicated machinery or NSFW! -Please send me full payment up front! -I prefer to...
  18. Meowmixx101

    YCH starry pixel couples

    Here are some furry-centered pixel artwork. ( small customs start at 50 usd ea) PLEASE NOTE ME ON FA Please note I work on two at a time, first come first serve!! I typically work Thursday,Friday and Saturday with the exception of final’s week. Name: Paypal(I will invoice you when I am...
  19. happysparrow

    Free Pixel Art! (also, art trade request)

    Hello!! I'm very new to the furry fandom, and am in need of some practice!! Because of this, I will be doing a couple free pixels of your characters! :) I will be choosing the characters that interest me the most, so you have the BEST chance with Halloween themed characters / extra limbs / odd...
  20. CityPound

    Citypound's Art Shoppe

    WELCOME TO CITYPOUND'S ART SHOPPE COMMISSION STATUS: OPEN CLICK HERE FOR QUEUE CLICK HERE FOR TERMS OF SERVICE completion at the top of the queue is always under two weeks for digital art