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pixel art

  1. Azhat

    New kid: Pixel art and character headshots!

    **Prices may vary depending on complexity!** I'm not unreasonable and this is negotiable, but if your character has a billion accessories it may be a few dollars more! More examples available here: Asshattle's DeviantArt Gallery 3 slots at any given time, which are currently OPEN. -Will...
  2. defunct

    $5 Stylized Icons/Portraits

    Art in the same style (hard edges, cel shading, soft colors, etc.) as the cutscenes from the game Oneshot Examples from the game: I don't have much in terms of examples of my own because this is something I've just started to experiment with, this is a currrent WIP Leave a reply below...
  3. GenkeiZwei

    Pixel commissions! 5$-30$ for next 5 slots!

    Greetings everyone, I make pixel art avatars. Due to insane conversion rates in Croatia, I will have to increase the prices from what is currently listed, however next 5 commissions will cost the same as originally intended, thank you for understanding. 128x128 -30$ (real size) 64x64 -15$...
  4. Kouji

    + Animated Pixel Icons & Art! Starting at $10 +

    Howdy! I'm offering pixel art icons Like These: Full Body or Bust. SFW or NSFW! Price Range: No Animation - $10 Simple Animation (Blinking, Bouncing Heart, etc.) - $15 - You can choose what goes in the text bubble - You can let me pick the pose or choose your own for an additional $5...
  5. sicklyseraph

    Pixel Icon/Pagedoll Commissions

    I do custom pixels of humanoids/anthro and ferals! Icon Examples(50x50): Pagedoll Examples: Terms/Rules/Stuff: - I accept paypal (USD). - Prices start at 5 USD for an icon and 7 USD for a pagedoll - If interested just send me a message/note or just reply/comment. - If you'd like to see...
  6. Easy

    Binary/Pixel Commissions ($7~$50)

    Hello, FAF! My name is Easy and I'm a new artist looking to set-up shop here! So right away: My examples are pretty limited - I draw a little bit of everything, but these are all my very most recent drawings and almost all of them are non furry. I'm choosing these pieces to give you the best...
  7. Ouk

    Open commission + nsfw YCH(start at 30$, pixel icon 10$)

    In two different art styles Prices are: Halfbody - 50 usd Fullbody - 70 usd +1 char - 50% Colored sketch: Fullbody - 45 usd Half - 30 usd More here Userpage of ouk -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. G

    Pixel Poker Cards and Kingdom Hearts HUD icons for trade!

    I'm currently looking to get some good art of Gelato and a few other characters of mine, mainly the ol' winggy boy Gelato himself but regardless I'm open for trades if anyone is interested in something more along the lines of pixelated pieces! Such as a poker card pixelated with your sona on it...
  9. BuzzyLee

    Summertime Sales - Affordable Commissions

    OVERVIEW I'm your average starving artist on the hunt for commissions. Artwork is usually completed within the week it's purchased, as I'm on summer vacation and have nothing else on my plate. I take payment upfront to avoid scamming, however, I can send a sketch of your piece before payment to...
  10. ScruffOfChampions

    Commissions Open! Digital Art (SFW, NSFW), Pixelart and more!

    OPENING SPECIAL!! $5 OFF THE FIRST TWO COMMISSION ORDERS IN THIS THREAD! Thank you so much for your interest in my commission work! Check out my FA portfolio! I'll also post the prices below: Safe For Work commissions: Bust: Monochrome (shaded) $10 Color (flat) $20 Color (shaded) $25...
  11. swbFoi


    Hello! I'm open pixels headshots and Payment 100%. Only paypal! Examples:
  12. junkyardprince

    junkyard art shoppe ! [8-100 USD]

    so heckin' cheap !!! ---------------------------------------- i use payment through paypal invoices so know i'll need your email to send an invoice! thank you! ---------------------------------------- terms of service + more ---------------------------------------- Full body Flats // $25...
  13. Seiko

    Animated Pixel Commissions | 5 - 10 $

    Hello ! I am offering animated pixels. Here are the examples: Sta.sh Uploads 181 Please click on them to view them ! Here are my rules: Rules: You can repost bought art but it is MY art. You must not take credit or use it commercially. If you DO want to use it commercially please contact and...
  14. Infinipede

    Pixel Art + Binary

    Hello! I'm a pixel artist who also does digital work and character design. The best way to contact me is through Furaffinity, Deviantart, or emmaeboers@gmail.com. My Terms of Service Inquire for NSFW TOS/pricing/examples Small Pixels $10-$15 $15-$20 (animated) Transparent work 50x50 -...
  15. M

    Pixel adopts

    I am selling this this adopt, for USD through paypal only Red Panda Geisha- $5.00USD
  16. Bearwizurd

    My first commission (was free art) : A squid butt ! (+important question at the end !)

    Was made for : Userpage of xingtian -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ! Was really a lot of fun to do... It was both my very first butt shot and my first comm', though I still didn't do any NSFW ! Check this butt out : www.furaffinity.net: Free art for Xing Tian - Squid Butt by Bearwizurd I'll do more...
  17. Bearwizurd

    Give me something to chew on ! Working on lottery one... Lottery two RESULTS !

    Huzzah ! Howdy everyone ! As mentionned above, I'm a pixel artist who seeks to improve. I planned on making portraits/profile commissions but before getting into it I wanted to see if I could actually handle taking requests from people. And since I must train myself on many kinds of...
  18. Empurror

    Commissions open! ★ Digital paintings, ref sheets, etc.

    Commissions are open! Every bit of support is really appreciated, even just spreading the word. USD please! I accept Paypal, DeviantART and commiss.io. ★PRICES★ More examples in my galleries on FA (HERE) and dA (HERE) NOTES: Characters with complicated designs (very intricate...
  19. Cutieno

    Cutieno's Art/Commissions

    On this thread I'll be posting commissions I've made and random art I've done :) If you're interested in a commission check out my Furaffinity account: Cutieno Some of my recent Art:
  20. Wisupi

    Spooky glowy art commissions open!

    Hi everybody! I'm Wisupi, an animator, illustrator, and pixel artist, and my commissions are open! Some examples of my work: you can find more at my furaffinity and on my tumblr! There are my prices: FOR ANIMATED GIFS 1 SECOND OF ANIMATION UNCOLORED-$25 COLORED IN FLASH-$35 COLORED IN...