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pixel icon

  1. defunct

    $5 Stylized Icons/Portraits

    Art in the same style (hard edges, cel shading, soft colors, etc.) as the cutscenes from the game Oneshot Examples from the game: I don't have much in terms of examples of my own because this is something I've just started to experiment with, this is a currrent WIP Leave a reply below...
  2. GenkeiZwei

    Pixel commissions! 5$-30$ for next 5 slots!

    Greetings everyone, I make pixel art avatars. Due to insane conversion rates in Croatia, I will have to increase the prices from what is currently listed, however next 5 commissions will cost the same as originally intended, thank you for understanding. 128x128 -30$ (real size) 64x64 -15$...
  3. sicklyseraph

    Pixel Icon/Pagedoll Commissions

    I do custom pixels of humanoids/anthro and ferals! Icon Examples(50x50): Pagedoll Examples: Terms/Rules/Stuff: - I accept paypal (USD). - Prices start at 5 USD for an icon and 7 USD for a pagedoll - If interested just send me a message/note or just reply/comment. - If you'd like to see...
  4. furpes

    Animated Pixel icons

    hello gang!! i could use a bit of cash right now so I am opening for some pixel icons sample Animated icons are $15 Still Icons are $10 Comment, PM, or note me on my furaffinity page if interested!!
  5. supermint

    15% OFF Commission Sale

    I'm having a sale on my commissions for a short while - my queue is almost empty at the moment, so now's your chance if you're considering! Some examples: Busts Halfbodies Fullbodies Sketches Badges Telegram Stickers Binary Avatars Pixel Icons --- Input the following in the...