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pixel icons

  1. foxbuns

    Emergency Pixel Commissions (restore power to my home)

    hi! i'm mostly a sculptor, but since right now half the house is without power, i am opening up pixel commissions, being that that's about all i have access to do right now! proceeds are going toward the $1k quoted bill from the electrician to fix the 2-room power outage (which is affecting my...
  2. defunct

    $5 Stylized Icons/Portraits

    Art in the same style (hard edges, cel shading, soft colors, etc.) as the cutscenes from the game Oneshot Examples from the game: I don't have much in terms of examples of my own because this is something I've just started to experiment with, this is a currrent WIP Leave a reply below...
  3. Kouji

    + Animated Pixel Icons & Art! Starting at $10 +

    Howdy! I'm offering pixel art icons Like These: Full Body or Bust. SFW or NSFW! Price Range: No Animation - $10 Simple Animation (Blinking, Bouncing Heart, etc.) - $15 - You can choose what goes in the text bubble - You can let me pick the pose or choose your own for an additional $5...