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  1. foxbuns

    Emergency Pixel Commissions (restore power to my home)

    hi! i'm mostly a sculptor, but since right now half the house is without power, i am opening up pixel commissions, being that that's about all i have access to do right now! proceeds are going toward the $1k quoted bill from the electrician to fix the 2-room power outage (which is affecting my...
  2. strwbrylmnd

    Animated Commissions!

    Animated Pixel Commissions discord: strwbrylmnd#3073 my website -- -- Headshots 20-24usd Halfbodies 25-29usd Fullbodies 30-35usd
  3. Green_Brick

    (Closed) Looking for/hiring: Sprite/Pixel artists commissions

    Hey all! It's me again, your favorite nobody on FA! Haha Unlike last December, this time I am strictly looking for artists who specialize in sprite/pixel art! --- Also, unlike my previous thread, this is strictly a SFW commission thread. No smut here! >:3 I'm looking for an artist who is...
  4. pinkwitch

    (Commission) Selling: Witch's Animated Pixel Art - $45 - OPEN

    Hi! You can call me Witch. I am a pixel artist and I make cute animated artworks of characters, pets, and more! My commissions are currently OPEN! If you're interested, I'm best reached by Discord DM: witch#0013 Website Trello 100 x 100 Animated Custom - $45
  5. Kitschykiss

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $5 Adopts and more! - UPDATED 25/06/2022

    Hi everyone, this is my first post to FA forums! I wanted to share my work to more people. Even if you're not interested in buying anything, I'd love it if you took a look at my artwork. I hope you enjoy it. A little about me: ✿ I'm a pixel artist who loves to use bright and saturated colours...
  6. Morrisilver

    Free Art: Adopt for free - Monke Georgie is for adoption

    Here is Georgie (pronouns are he/him). He is a monke and sometimes he comes to me and asks: "Mommy, why did you create me like this?" I shrug my shoulders and say "I don't know" while questioning my own existence and reasons behind it. If you guess his sexuality, he is yours. You can find hint...
  7. HyperChibiAbsol

    (Commissions) Selling digital and sprite artwork

    https://ibb.co/k8bPCvd Happy 2021 everyone! I wanted to make a new commission sheet for the year and re-open up commissions! Currently unemployed and trying to help pay bills and also save up for a new drawing tablet. If you guys have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I accept...
  8. Hikarty

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel art portraits/stamps - 11-20€

    Offering these temporary commissions, if you are interested get them while they are up :)
  9. Aqua-Spirit22

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel art and painty art - start at 8 USD

    Hello fellas, it's me, your local tired artist who needs to buy material for class and artist projects :_) Short rules Currently ONLY accepting paypal! it can be USD or euro, either work for me. I work with pretty much anything except robots, vehicles and real people. Will do animals...
  10. Icsbonkun

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel art 5$ - 10$

    Hey! I'm doing pixel art commissions (6slots) in case anyone's interested (paypal only) here are the prices:
  11. Faundly

    Pixel Icon $10

    Info: Headshots only, will have background. Payment first, USD thru Paypal Can be anything!
  12. heinrichbalmer

    (Base/YCH) Selling: PIXEL PRIDE YCH( FP: 10 USD)

    -Cat/Doggo -Possible alterations (hair, clothes, breasts size) --You can chose a solid color for the background or a gradient. -Paypal only. -Payment should be paid 24h after the auction ends. -It will be finished within maximum 5 days, but I'll try to start right away when I receive the...
  13. teacozy1

    Free Art: Little pixels

    So I just kinda made this today and I'm gonna try to add them to my commissions. So the people who are going to get a few here will be my examples. Only a few people will get picked for this. You won't get picked if you don't give me a reference, a pose of some sort and an expression would be...