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  1. Lexiand

    The user above you has been teleported to another planet but were?!

    Oh boy, I have never made a thread in a while. The game is simple. You get to teleport people to a different planet. It can be made up of one of our planets on the solar system. When I mean planets I don't mean stars like our sun ok? We are not trying to kill each other ok? Right... Now start...
  2. C

    Commission Picture

    www.furaffinity.net: Playing with Planets by Crazydaisy This was a commission pic. So tell me what you guys think?
  3. C

    Macro Fox in Space Pic

    www.furaffinity.net: A Macro Fox in Space by Crazydaisy Rocky is now in SPACE! Hopefully, he doesn't use the Earth as a afternoon snack. :) Tell me guys what do you think?