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  1. Asderat

    Are these colors available in fur?

    Hello all! I plan to get a partial or full-suit made of the character displayed here. I know that fur colors are largely limited; I'm finally really satisfied with his design and would feel bad changing it. However, I know that his pallet has a large variety of grey shades that may or may not...
  2. zeusaphone

    Critique: Fursuit Head Base planning

    I'm planning out my fursuit head for my character Azula. I drew some sketches as well. Here's Azula: Sketch 1 of 3, showing the shape i'd like the suit head to have: Sketch 2 of 3, showing where the fur is going: And sketch 3 of 3, showing the foam pieces: Is there anything that should...
  3. Shaloxeroligon

    Best Time to Fursuit During a Con

    So at AC this year, I fursuited more than I ever have before. It was a lot of fun. But, and this is the point of the thread: there weren't a lot of other suiters around. When I was out, most other suiters weren't, and when I wasn't suiting, a lot of suiters were out. This disappointed me, as I...