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  1. Y

    Twitter vs FA as an art platform: What's your opinion?

    Just writing a thread since I've noticed a so many artists on FA migrating to using Twitter exclusively. As someone who isn't an artist I prefer to use FA, mainly because it's easier to view someone's art, to follow their artwork and to find similar artists. Whereas Twitter is obviously a...
  2. ReeseCapeesh

    Easy place to upload quick drawings and sketches to share?

    Okay so I binge make art sometimes. Not finished art but cool lil sketches I make. I don’t know what kind of crowd likes unfinished art and doodles. But I love them and feel proud of them a lot. The problem is, I want to upload a lot at a time, maybe one by one or in groups, without having to...
  3. Z

    Multiple Instagrams for Different Art

    Would it be worth having more than one instagram to separate furry art from other art? Or would you think it would be too much of a hassle switching between accounts all the time? Furry art and other kinds of art seem to have very different audiences sometimes and I'd like to get some opinions.
  4. coldbrew

    Anybody draws on the iPad?

    I use ProCreate and recently started using an Adonit Jot Pro pen. ProCreate's probably the best app for drawing/painting ever, and I use it all the time. Been using the iPad as my main workstation ever since the laptop died; plus, it's really sweet and works like a mini budget Cintiq XD Just...