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  1. Saiba Foxy

    Upcoming NSFW Furry Game

    Check out this upcoming furry super sonic like hack and slay sex game! https://mundaneescapists.itch.io/armas-quest Try the free demo, it's overwhelming, the gameplay is smooth and the action is hot as fuck! Cheers my friends <3
  2. darkflameknight

    N.U.T.Z. a non linear 2D action platformer

    Hello! My name is Alex and I'm the creator of N.U.T.Z. abbreviated for "Never Underestimate The Zardans". N.U.T.Z. is a non linear action platformer game inspired by the classics such as Megaman and Metroid. In February of 2016 I was denied from entering my university program for video games...
  3. Furstar431

    Skylar & Plux

    Has anyone heard of this game??? Just discovered it on twitter.... cool new release - looks like it'll be for consoles and PC. it features an anthro cyborg cat named Skylar! She's super cute and tough looking! Also, it looks a lot like Ratchet & Clank, Banjo-Kazooie & stuff like that. I'm...
  4. Sephra

    Making a Furry Video Game (Not sure where to post for it!)

    Hey everyone, I'll be blunt; I've been making a NSFW furry platformer style game for a little while now and put updates on my FA page, and I thought to drum up some interest for the project I'd post it on the forums here for everyone to take a look at. I actually did this a little while back...