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  1. Feralteddy

    Anyone else make music playlists for their characters?

    I tend to make playlists for each of my characters once their personalities are well-enough defined. When I used to play on Neopets.com, a lot of people did this and I discovered some of my favorite music TO THIS DAY that way. I miss it a lot. So please post em if ya got em! A pic of your...
  2. Kosmo Kittypup

    I made a space-themed spotify playlist (for my fursona)!

    i made a playlist for my good space boy, kosmo, a bit ago. and i'm still trying to add to it, but it's already nearing three hours long! it mostly contains a lotta funky space disco, lotta 70's stuff, some 80's, a lotta corny tunes and a lotta stuff that's just nice to listen to. it's not that...
  3. KushFox


    Hello, everyone. I am posting to let you all know that my new page/channel called [neuroFUR] is up and running. This is a page where I post playlists meticulously crafted to fall within a certain aesthetic (style, sound, rhythm, etc.) for your greedy ears to enjoy. I am starting off...
  4. K

    Your Music Playlists

    Fav - YouTube MUSIC - YouTube These are my 2 music playlists.