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  1. KD142000

    Any PS4 gamers out there?

    At this time, most people are indoors and bored out of their trees, so I decided it would be a good time to ask if anyone is a PS4 gamer around here? I'm more than willing to make new friends on the platform and hopefully game with them. That's if I have the same game they do or I can share...
  2. Moar Krabs

    Ps vita/ PSP

    I recently found my old Ps vita along with the charger and fooled around with it for a bit. Have any of you guys owned a Ps vita or a PSP?
  3. N

    Any LittleBigPlanet players around here?

    This may be a stretch of a question here considering how the game doesn't seem to be as popular anymore and most people have moved onto PS4, but I'll be hopeful - anyone around here still play LBP? (Particularly 1 and 2). I used to play the games like crazy and recently have been wanting to get...
  4. N

    Wanna Play? PS4 group

    Hey there. I'm trying to include gaming in my ongoing effort to be more social because frankly, It's fun to goof off with friends online. I hope this thread can bring jolly cooperation for many of you. So if you have a PS4 and want someone to play with, Post your PSN ID here and what you're...
  5. C

    Sony is now banning Visual Novels

    "All communications and submissions between game companies and Sony are now filtered through their California branch, in English – not just the censorship, any complaints about the censorship now have to go through the team performing the censorship" Now the Vita is extra dead lol...
  6. Ashke

    A Way Out

    Recently got this game for PS4 and PC. Beat it once, but have been looking to play again, since it's really enjoyable and a great co-op experience. Anybody interested in joining me, my PSN is Morteamore13 and my PC/Origin handle is Vondye
  7. Swivirx

    New gamertag wanted!

    I'm looking for a new unique gamertag that I can use for all consoles and PC. I'd like for it to start with an S, have less than 7 letters, be made up, and be easy to pronounce. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon! - G
  8. AdelynBlair

    Playstation Remote Play

    I want to set up Remote play from my PS3 to my laptop. More so to record my PS3 games for my gaming Youtube channel. Currently I am streaming my PS4 directly on to Youtube but I have more PS3 games. Has anyone had success with remote play to a laptop? If so, can you still record audio/ webcam?
  9. Angellothefox

    Getting back into the grove with Croc

    On Christmas Eve I stayed up late unplugging my PlayStation 3 and plugging my old PlayStation 1 back in. On Christmas day I was on the ice island which is suitable since everything sounds like it is a Christmas theme. All in all I love this game I managed to get to the Mexican island I mean...
  10. John the fur

    Good PS3 games on ps store?

    hello peoples I am looking for good ps3 Games. I like: RPGs SOME FPS's not all some racing some hack and slash strategy platformer I have: Worms revolution Batlefield 4 (well getting it when i have the money.) sonic the fighters Dust 514 my psn is: SLstc42
  11. G


    Any paragon players for PS4/PC (I play PS4, more stable)