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  1. KageKamonohashi

    [RP] Shift of Power

    Rules: This is obviously SFW, please keep it PG. I rather not have the mods mad at me. Godmodding is obviously not allowed unless specific actions are discussed and agreed to privately between players. Magic is ok, this is dragons after all, but try not to be too OP. Playing with a perfect...
  2. KageKamonohashi

    Feral Dragon Rp [SFW]

    Hey everyone! I'm currently looking for a few rp partners to do some SFW feral dragon rps (or drake or human if you prefer). I just ask that my partner type in the third person and at least try to write a few sentences per post. You don't have to be an amazing writer, but it makes it hard for me...
  3. CptnSpiffy

    What type of RP would you like to 'see'?

    First off, hello! As like many others who poke their heads to the RP side of FA's forums I want a good RP so that I can let my creative build up come out! Other sites I have just done the usual, either joined a current ongoing one and molded a character from scratch to fit or I would attempt...
  4. PercyD

    Looking for an rp partner over Discord [FxF, FxM, Plot Based RP]

    Might as well update my roleplay search~. So I'm looking for 1x1 rps over discord as well! NSFW, SFW, but mainly some good story and good characters. Genres I'm interested in: Eldritch horror- 'unspeakable' and science fictiony extreme dark fantasy. It's fun. Think of FranBo, Sally Face...
  5. IkeFanboy64

    What is your least favorite type of plot in a TV show?

    Like the title said, out of all the type of plots that appear in TV, what is your least favorite? For me, it would easily be mind control plots. I've never liked these, primarily due to one of the first examples of this I've seen being from that one episode of Danny Phantom that debuted the...
  6. Reinhound

    Roleplay partners

    looking for long term plot based rp I tend to write a lot so storylines only. Please. No one liners. Must be comfortable doubling and or playing any gender/pairing. No other requirements as long as you are flexible and we are both on the same page You can find me on Skype, discord, or we can...
  7. S

    [Looking for Plot Driven or Casual RP]

    Hello all, thanks for taking the time to look at this thread. I'm currently looking for an rp partner (or two) for two different sets of roleplay... The characters available depend on the type of roleplay selected. Plot driven would most likely involve this hot mess, SHARD. However they've got...
  8. WoodworkerDan

    The Past, Present, and Future

    Yeah, they walked into a bar. Yeah, it was tense. Fell free to roll your eyes at me for a bad pun and overused joke. However, what I should like see discussed is the social, technological, and developmental time period a story setting is in - and whether Furry stories are best set in one of the...