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  1. F

    Main Site Add some sort of alternative for us animators to upload.

    Please. Most of my stuff tends to be over 30 seconds in length, and i try to keep it at least 480p and in most cases .gif isn't enough as a format for this. Just posting a thumbnail and guiding people to a google drive link doesn't work either given how links to suggestive content can be...
  2. AzureKiteUsagi

    What movie(s) have you seen countless times and why?

    For me, my top three movies that I've watched so many times that I can't keep count anymore are: 1. Sweeney Todd - I LOVE the score and lyrics of this film (and musical). I hadn't intended on watching it from the day it came out until last year just because I thought musicals weren't my...
  3. H

    Profile ASCII Help

  4. NinaTheRedPanda

    5 slot commissions! [OPEN]

    Hey guys! I'm going to offer some of my commissions on here that are 5$+ but if you have questions feel free to PM me! I have a fairly large (but simple) TOS, please read before commissioning! Thank you! My animations are currently closed so please ignore anything about those! If you're wanting...