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  1. MortalKAkatsuki96

    Looking for Plush Artists to draw Dinosona!

    I'm curious if there are any plush makers out there that can make my dinosona! I don't have a specific budget since I'm not sure what prices for plushes are, but just send me your prices and examples and I'll look them over! <3 This is my dinosona, it doesn't have to be a super accurate plush...
  2. Dawnwingedwolf

    Pony plush commissions -open-

    TEENY TINY PONIES (6cms/2 in) $5usd With a keychain $7 usd CHIBI PONY (13.5 cms/5 in) $15 usd LOAF PONY (14 cms long/5.4 in) $18 usd LAYING DOWN PONY *big* (39.4 cms log/15.5 in) $40 usd LAYING DOW PONY *small* (18 cms long/7 in) $20 usd (no available pictures yet) FILLY/COLT...
  3. magicstorm101

    Looking to commission a plushie maker!

    Recently I got a plushie from the Budsies company and it...was not to my liking. (Needless to say, ive been told they dont do fursonas very well, but i decided to give them a shot) i was wondering if there is anyone out there that is open for plushie commissions! Anthro/feral does not matter to...
  4. msgrandpabacon

    Plush Commissions ($25 and up)

    Hey there guys I have a few slots for my plush commissions open. I currently have three open for this current round. My primary specialty is MLP ponies, but I figured not too many of you would be interested in that so I am going to stick to mostly furries. All my plushes are made from 100%...
  5. Dorago

    Fursuit prop headphones

    I made these headphones. They made from very soft polar fleece, with polyfill stuffing, foam and wire to help keep the shape. Auction is here: FurBuy - View Auction #1095145 (Tried to upload a picture but it wouldn't :/ )
  6. crystallinecanine

    Floor dragger dragon tail for sale!

    I have a 53 inch long plush dragon tail for sale in my etsy shop! It has mint green and baby blue spikes sewn in and sturdy elastic bands to secure to a belt. Only 55 USD ! Check it out: www.etsy.com: Plush Dragon Tail (fursuit part)
  7. chicostyx

    Plush Doll commissions

    This holiday why not have a little buddy in your arms to keep you company on those cold winter's nights. I have 4 slots available for plush commissions so its first come first serve. All plushies are made with fleece unless requested but keep in mind it'll add to the cost depending on the...
  8. CrystalOokamiWolf

    Question about Budsies..? (+ Looking for a Maker)

    So I stumbled upon this site off of Tumblr: Custom Stuffed Animals, Plush Figurines - Budsies and am very interested in buying a Budsie of one of my characters... Now I would commission someone to make me a Plushie of said character.. Been trying for years! But everytime they open. I miss them...