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  1. mareenaicefin

    Conspiracy Theories?

    Just a random thing Lately when I have been in a creative mood and doing some digital art I have a habit of listening to podcasts on Spotify. Also handy when I am trying to sleep as eventually listening to discussions turn into lovely white noise. I've been on a conspiracy theory kick at the...
  2. lofiFlavors

    Podcast recommendations?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if you had any podcast recommendations, I love to laugh, so comedy podcasts are my absolute favorite. What are some of your favorites?
  3. pupsicle-c

    Discussion/Poll - What's Your Favorite Story-Telling Medium?

    Like the title says, this is a discussion thread for what you feel is the best/your personal favorite kind of story-telling medium. Do you like comics best? Novels, maybe? What about visual/interactive novels, or video-games in general? If you have any other personal favorites, like podcasts...
  4. Narri

    Any good podcasts you can recommend?

    They don't have to be specifically furry related anything you can recommend I wanna listen. (If that makes sense)
  5. Degadoodle

    The birb has a podcast.

    Me and a few friendos decided to start making and uploading podcasts to the YouTube's. It is on our official band channel that we created and we only have one uploaded thus far but..we do plan on doing it weekly or biweekly. Generally we talk about music and stuff since we're all bandmates...
  6. Paawdcast

    We just launched a show called "Paawdcast - A Furry Podcast by Non-Furries"

    Hey guys! We just launched a furry podcast were 2 non-furries try to learn about the fandom. Here are our first two episodes! Any advice for improvement would be awesome! And if you have any ideas for things we could talk about, we are very willing to learn as much about the fandom as we can!
  7. KIngs Of ContraFURcy


    Thanks to PawPrintRadio Kings Of ContraFURcy the Awesome furry podcast have became partners and we now podcast every 7pm to 8:30 pm every Saturday on pawprintradio.com and check them out for awesome music 24/7
  8. Angellothefox

    Are they any diaperfurs/babyfurs in the media tv documentaries/Adds/videos on the internet?

    Are they any diaperfurs/babyfurs in the media tv documentaries/Adds/videos on the internet? I am just asking apart from well you know FA DA Weasyle Inkabunny and other art shearing websites because we all know they are going to be babyfurs and diaperfurs there. It is just I remember one of the...
  9. P

    Does anyone else listen to the podcast Fur What It's Worth?

    If you haven't I'd really recommend it. www.furwhatitsworth.com: Fur What It's Worth | An introduction to and exploration of the Furry Fandom!