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  1. I

    Poe's 'The Raven' Was Originally a Parrot

    Greetings feathered friend enthusiasts and poetry lovers. I have rather entertaining findings for you! *Taken from the link below and posted for reading convenience* Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1949) penned his most famous poem, The Raven, in his 30s. Originally, the poem's feathered subject was a...
  2. Whimsycal

    A poem a day keeps the rhyme going.

    Limericks! Sonnets, free verses, rhymes, ballads, blank verses, epics, epitaphs, haikus, names and narratives. Poems are varied and different. So why not try to write one daily to cheer up someone? Share your poems! They dont need to be perfect. A poem is simply great by doing it with hope...
  3. Boured

    [Critique Request] Promise Keeper

    This poem is rated as Mature due to it's mature subject matter that most of the younger people I've met didn't grasp. The following is the description on the post itself. A Shakespearean Sonnet I wrote in my writing/poetry class for my final project. I really like it as it allows me to express...
  4. I

    Haiku Thread

    I really like Haiku poems. There easy but incredibly diverse in possibilities. Why not make a thread about them. Make a Haiku and post it here for everyone to see and enjoy. Remember, Five syllables, then seven, then five again.
  5. K

    Should I post this poem?

    Okay, let me explain. This is my second day having a Fur Affinity account, and while I'm glad to be here and slowly figuring things out, this is just something I kinda wanted to ask about. You see, I'm pretty new to being a furry (well okay, Admitting that I am one after many years of reading...
  6. P

    DOGPATCH PRESS ARTICLE: Civilized Beasts 2016 - Open for Submission

    Poem Anthology, Civilized Beasts, is open for submission. dogpatch.press: Poem Anthology Civilized Beasts 2016 – OPEN FOR SUBMISSION