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  1. Dandelionqueen

    Art Trade: My Poetry for Fursona Avatar?

    Hello! I'm a poet and I thought it'd be fun to do an art trade for a color avatar of my fursona. My fursona is an eastern carpenter bee with a pink curly mohawk and a spiky leather jacket. I can send pics of myself for reference if need be. I have some examples of my work on furaffinity but my...
  2. ShroudedCelestial

    (Commission) Selling: [Prices Start at $5] Written Commission Sale! Original SFW/NSFW Stories 20% Off! 5,000 words or more

    Greetings to all. I am the Shrouded Celestial, though you may call me C. A. Harrington or C. A. if you'd like. I would love to take on the challenge and privilege of writing for you. Be it a poem, song lyrics, or even something quick to tickle your senses, I'm here to provide for you. Take the...
  3. caph

    (Commission) Selling: DIGITAL ART/WRITING ($5-$35)

    Hey, I'm Caph and I draw and write! While I'm very negotiable with my prices, The prices listed here may not be your final cost depending on how much time and effort I'll be putting into your commission. Check my blog for examples of my writing. WRITING ESTIMATED PRICES Poem...
  4. Whimsycal

    A poem a day keeps the rhyme going.

    Limericks! Sonnets, free verses, rhymes, ballads, blank verses, epics, epitaphs, haikus, names and narratives. Poems are varied and different. So why not try to write one daily to cheer up someone? Share your poems! They dont need to be perfect. A poem is simply great by doing it with hope...
  5. Boured

    [Critique Request] Promise Keeper

    This poem is rated as Mature due to it's mature subject matter that most of the younger people I've met didn't grasp. The following is the description on the post itself. A Shakespearean Sonnet I wrote in my writing/poetry class for my final project. I really like it as it allows me to express...
  6. I

    Haiku Thread

    I really like Haiku poems. There easy but incredibly diverse in possibilities. Why not make a thread about them. Make a Haiku and post it here for everyone to see and enjoy. Remember, Five syllables, then seven, then five again.
  7. S

    Poem critique requested : ''When You're Gone''

    Been ages since my last poem, which was about months ago, back in last year. I made this, based on my irl experiences, and as an attempt to see if my writing skills have got rusty or not. fav.me: When You're Gone I'd like critiques on how the story, the images, and the scenes are built up, and...
  8. CorgiButt

    Poems for art?

    I am not much of an artist but i do think i am good at writing short prose and poems. So i am hoping that someone would want to trade art for some writing. C: Here is an example of a haiku i wrote for my sona. 5-7-6 Purest hearts can fly A kind and gentle embrace Love on feathered wings.
  9. Karpish McKarp

    A few romantic poems for the day after valentines day

    Roses are red... The world is crappy... You did this to yourselves. Hope you're happy. *throws salt in the air as if it were glitter and I was a karping pixie* Roses are red... They'll wilt and die someday. We all will. Deal with it. Roses are red. But they can also be white. Or yellow. Or...