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pokemon anthro

  1. SpaceyShiba

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Pokésona Special! Full Body for $30! Shading +$5

    Hello! Today I have got a special for any pokésona full body for $30! Shading is +$5! Regular price full bodies are $35 flat color! You can order directly from me on Twitter/telegram @/SpaceyShiba or place your order directly on my Ko-Fi here https://ko-fi.com/spaceyshiba If you're looking...
  2. Jynxthejinx

    Frosmoth + Glaceon + Alolan Vulpix Pokefusion Adopt!

    Please don’t message me here, go to the original post vvvv https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47360696/ Pokefusion! Frosmoth + Glaceon + Alolan Vulpix! Please be aware that I am posting this almost everywhere! ~PayPal only, payment expected after 24 hours ~You’re allowed to resell ~ALWAYS CREDIT...
  3. E

    Anthro Pokemon

    I'm looking for artwork that shows anthropomorphic Pokemon or Pokemorphs. Not the sexy human bodies with pokemon heads I keep getting from top results but something like Zootopia where their proportions and body shapes are more or less the same. Here are some commissions I got from Greykitty as...
  4. D

    Pokemon (FxF, MxM, MxF)

    Hello, I'm posting asking if anyone would be interested in doing something relating to Pokemon and NSFW. I'm open up to FxF, MxM, or MxF. I want to do a role play where the pokemons are anthro type. The role play could be either a Pokemon x Pokemon or Pokemon x Trainer. I'll me asking questions...
  5. E

    Hiring: NSFW Character Design/Ref Sheet $70+

    An artist has been chosen, thank you all for your offers.
  6. Limedragon27

    Pokemorph ((Anthro Pokemon)) RP Anyone?

    Just a heads up beforehand, since I see a lot of SFW RP ads, this is for a NSFW session, so if you are uninterested in characters getting a bit down and dirty than this might not be for you. I've been wanting to do Pokemorphs for a few days now, I got a few characters I have I wanted to use...
  7. Invincible-Comics

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Pokemon Adopts $20-$25

    Hi everyone! I've only recently become active on FA and I have been creating adopts, since I am trying to save up for some important stuff. I am really into Pokemon, which is why so far all of my adopts are Pokemon related. Are you into Pokemon too? Please check out my adopts here! Follow...
  8. dathazelnutboi

    Hiring: A wild lucario has appeared!

    and he needs a ref! I only can afford 30$ for this commission, it needs to be ether NSFW or have a NSFW version. His name is Roxane, he's a anthro lucario femboy with tan and cream colored fur. he has long hair and peek-a-boo bangs that cover over one of his two turquoise eyes. if it's not too...
  9. Darin Waller

    Anthro Pokemon Steampunk themed RP group! [CLOSED]

    Hullo there, my fellow role players! I've been working along with some friends in making a Role Playing group at DeviantArt where we use anthro Pokemon in a Steampunk setting. This is kind of a revival of an older group, with a different, more engaging system based around member interaction...
  10. snizard

    would you want a card like this? nsfw

    She is my queen of hearts. I would have her as a real card ^-^ And you? www.furaffinity.net: Queen of hearts by snizard
  11. Nozabii


    If you are interested, please PM me here on: FurAffinity: Userpage of Nozabii -- Fur Affinity [dot] net DeviantArt: Nozabii on DeviantArt E-Mail: nozabiiart@gmail.com I currently have 3 slots open. I would have more open, but I keep the slot pool small, that way I can get the commissioned piece...
  12. Twiphase3468

    Pokemon Dad-bod OTA

    Want a Pachirisu/Emolga hybrid that is beefy and chubby? Click link below to attend auction before it closes on this Sunday night around midnight Central Time (^w^) www.furaffinity.net: Dad-bod Pokemon OTA part 2 OPEN!!! by Twiphase3468