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  1. VrostWolf

    Hello everyone, I"m new in here. Here's my latest artwork. *Pokemon

    Hello! I'm new in here. You can call me Vrostwolf/ Vrost. I was anime style artist for more than 10 years, I'm not sure if it was 13 or 15 years.. Then I'm in love with Furry and the community! So here I am. I use Clip Studio Paint. And I do accept commissions.
  2. OctoHat

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $80 Fix price Zapdos+Arcanine Fusion Adopt

    Claim here: !(NSFW Warning)! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41378348/ !(NSFW Warning)!
  3. Biscuitmango

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Furry/MLP/Pokemon/Pet Portrait Commissions

    For more examples, check out my Ko-Fi..! https://ko-fi.com/biscuitmango Terms Of Service Images for PERSONAL use only. DO NOT REPOST. I do NOT accept cryptocurrency. I am strictly a "Safe for Work" artist..! If your idea for a commission is in a gray area and you’re unsure if I would accept...
  4. ab-9595

    Hiring: ($35+) NSFW Trumbeak Pokesona Art

    Hi folks. I'm looking to have a lewd piece made of my pokebird sona using his beak to explore himself. I love feral, and he has proper bird anatomy (e.g. cloaca). My budget can be anywhere from $35-$100. Feel free to let me know if this interests you, and I will provide more details of the...
  5. onlineethan

    Hiring: Pokémon Artists $20 - $60

    Hello there! I'm looking to commission an artist for some Pokémon art of my Vaporeon and my husband's Glaceon characters together. We're looking for something either cute or lewd. Budget is $60 but can fluctuate a little depending on various things. A simple background or scene would be nice...
  6. BadKittyBits

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: BadKittyBits Draws Poke-Frens

    BadKittyBits Draws Poke-Frens Shaped like a Fren ------ Bouncy Espeon Starters $10 USD EA. | Bulbasaur [sold] | Squirtle [sold] | Charmander [sold] | ------ Fennekin Masquerade $15 USD EA. Little Fennekin Designs cause' i'm bored lol -may- make more if these sell [ Full Image ] |...
  7. Fluffunya

    Plusle and Minun adoptables

    Hello everyone! I have some little girls ready to be adopted! https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/OVV8/adoptable-plusle-and-minun/ ❤ SB 35$ ❤ MI 5$ ❤ Naked 100$ They will be very happy to be given a home ❤! If you are interested please bid on the page of the link in this post cx!
  8. ShyBay

    Looking for Ideas (pokemon)

    I want to make something but I just can't find any ideas to do so so I'd like to reach out to the community for help. What I mostly write about is cute pokemon omorashi. I am somewhat open to other kinds of things but it needs to be cute and should be able to use characters from my previous...
  9. sparrowexe

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling Pokemon Designs

    I decided to try and sell some Pokemon I made here since I haven't been utilizing this site much and DeviantArt took a dive. These three are $5 apiece by Paypal. Once bought you can do whatever you like with your design. Once bought you will be sent the transparent unwatermarked image.
  10. Nexus Cabler

    Digimon VS Pokémon

    Simple question: Which of the two do you like more, or believe is better? To add to the discussion, why do you think they are superior? In what ways?
  11. hyperpokemoncenter

    Hyper Miltank adoptable nsfw $15 SB

    https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/OJ4S/hyper-miltank-adoptable/https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/OJ4S/hyper-miltank-adoptable/ SB: 15 MI: 2 AB1:50 AB2: 80 AB3:130 AB1: Full non watermarked ref + transparent version AB2: all above + drawn fully shaded art of them theme of your...
  12. D

    Gardevoir x Kirlia (18+)

    Hey guys and gals. I know this isn't super furry related, but I'm looking for someone to do something with a female Gardevoir and female Kirlia. I'm fine with either role. Give me a DM if your interested and we can go over some details.
  13. RokuroTheFox

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: <b>Gardevoir Pokémon Adopt SFW/NSFW (OPEN)</b>

    SB: 40 Usd MB: 5 Usd AB: 200 Usd What you will get after winning: ♥ You'll get the full rights to this adorable adoptable! ♥ HD full sized PNG image without the watermark and the transparent background image. Payment: ♦ Only PayPal (USD only) ♦ Payment required 24 hours after the auction has...
  14. ab-9595

    Hiring: ($50+) LF Artist to draw nsfw Pokésona image

    Hi folks! I'm looking for any artists who would be interested in drawing a nsfw image (with a possible sfw alt) of my pokésona a Trumbeak. I'm a fan of Poképhilia (human x Pokémon) and would like to have the image feature the aftermath of an encounter between Jake and a couple of humans (only...
  15. Gioko Kun

    Mimikyu Fit

    I made this Mimikyu in flat colors, hope you like it guys! <3 Remember, commissions are open! You can Watch me on FA or follow me on twitter to see more of my work :3
  16. GrumpiestBadger

    Commission for Arcanine sona - $35

    Hi there. I'm looking to commission someone to design an Arcanine sona for me. Design can be either anthro or feral. My budget is around $35 but I can go higher. If you're interested please post examples of your work below.
  17. Gioko Kun

    Incineroar and the moon

    Hey guys! This is my recent practice, hope you like it!:3 Also you can follow me on twitter as Gioko kun if you want n.n
  18. Gioko Kun

    Commissions Prices! (From $15 to $55 USD) <3

    As some of you have been asking me about the prices of my commissions, here is a sample :3 You can DM me or leave a comment if you are interested! <3
  19. Gioko Kun

    Sexy Rillaboom!

    I decided to draw another pokemon! You can follow me on twitter and FA if you want n___n Also commissions are open :3
  20. Gioko Kun

    My recent work!

    Hey guys those are my recent drawings :3 I hope you like it! You can follow me on twitter and FA if you want n___n