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policy question

  1. Darkwitt

    Main Site "Section 5.1 Disruptive or Sexual Audio" Sound Designers

    Greetings. I have a concern regarding the new policy involving section 5.1: Disruptive or Sexual Audio. "Content containing sexual or obscene sounds is prohibited unless part of a relevant animation or loop. Audio that is intentionally disruptive (e.g. loud, screeching) is not permitted. " I...
  2. FluffyShutterbug

    Main Site Is FA's Underage/Cub Art Policy Good Enough To Avoid Legal Issues?

    So, the UN is proposing to do an official ban on underage art, and I'm concerned that your site's rule of saying that the character in question is 18 (or whatever it is) won't be good enough to avoid catching trouble under this proposed policy. My fain fear is that NSFW artwork of...
  3. Vir-no-Vigoratus

    Main Site Policy Update Question

    I wanted clarification regarding the 9/4/2019 - Help Page + Site Policy Updates notice. I would have asked this there but comments were disabled on it so I could not. My question is regarding the policy revision to Code of Conduct, Section 2.4 - Do not harass anyone, specifically pertaining to...
  4. FluffyShutterbug

    Main Site AUP Update Question

    So, I got a notification on the mainsite talking about some new/modified policies, and one bullet point is: "REVISED POLICY - Upload Policy, Section 3.3 - Indecent Photography Photography depicting nudity or physical contact with nudity (exposed buttocks, breasts, bulges, outlines of genitalia...
  5. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Main Site Map Making Software

    Now that I'm back from my Ban, I wanted to ask a question. Would maps made using software like Campaign Cartogropher 3+ be considered in violation of Upload Policy 4.2? www.profantasy.com: Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) RPG and fantasy map making software
  6. S

    A Question Regarding the AUP (Acceptable Upload Policy): Children in Gory Images, is this allowed?

    So... one thing that is not covered in the policy is children in images featuring gore. I specifically remember a comic that featured a child ripping out someone’s eye. Is this allowed on the site?
  7. A

    Potentially posting a story scrap.

    Hey. I had a question regarding FA's policy and just clarifying something. I have a story that someone else and myself did a 50/50 split on in terms of the work, and that person has since bailed and refuses any further contact. Story's dead at this point, but I would rather it not be relegated...