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  1. Orana

    Is this you? (18+ only, please)

    I've been looking for quite some time for someone to roleplay with who's detailed, descriptive, and passionate about their character and the story we would write together, post by post. I'm a bit of a reluctant romantic; I'm mushy-gushy, but I don't like to be. I'm a Dominant, and I like to...
  2. violetwood

    Poly Furs

    Are there any Poly furs in this community or ethical non-monog?
  3. Sarn Darkholm

    Open Relationships

    So my husband and I have been talking it over lately, and we have decided to try the open relationship thing again. Admittedly I was on the fence about it for a long time because I am very insecure, but I am wanting to come out of my shell more and more. I trust my husband completely, and we...