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  1. RenSoul

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cultist MLP Designs for Sale! ($5-$10+)

    ~Original FA Posts - Click Here!~ ⚘Folk-Horror/Pagan MLP Designs Inspired by Midsommar!⚘ ~(Original bases by SelenaEde and Maddieadopts.)~ Base price is $5, but offers of $10 and above will earn bonus headshot art for the buyer! :> I use Paypal. Comment here/on the FA posts, or DM if...
  2. DragonSam98

    Sketchbook: Sam's SFM Showcase! (Contains Ponies!)

    I've been working on Source Filmmaker for close to a year now, and these are my best works. As in, they're the works I actually am halfway satisfied with. Lol. And, a gif I made to celebrate getting an error 404 as I clicked upload a while back. XD And, that's it. There is more art...
  3. Juukuo

    (Commission) Selling: [1/2]SALE- 15 USD MLP PONY SKETCHES! + OTHER DEALS

    SLOTS. 1. Kikl (none sale- actual comm) 2. open ***POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL CHARGES. In extreme cases, if your pony tends to have a complex design such as layered clothing, frills, gradients, heavy patterns, etc. there will be a 5-10+ USD add on. If you're not sure, just ask! I don't bite c...
  4. matraki

    Show me your pony style!

    I try to go for a fluffy look, but what about you? https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34230428/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34232996/ Show me your style :D
  5. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: NSWF request

    Hello I am searching people for a lineart request on 2 of my ponies: www.furaffinity.net: Gastrobal anthro Part 2 by Germanor123 www.furaffinity.net: Rovari by Germanor123 an AV picture with same size would be interesting. I would like not hard vore, without scat.
  6. Sinamuna

    Sin's Art Stream ONLINE

    (I hope this is an appropriate place to put this ^^; ) Come watch me stream some art! If you don't like what I draw, you can just listen to my music if you want. x3
  7. Imaranx

    ☠ No fetish limits! ☠

    COMMISSIONS OPEN! NO FETISH / KINK LIMITS!! I can draw anything you want! (Me and my wife are not for NSFW pics!!) I can make 100% anonymous/private commissions! Prices are for a pic with one character and no background! Characters from two+ and background pays extra. Art is made traditional...
  8. HoneyBonnieBunny

    My Little Pony Adoptables!

    Oleander is SOLD As usual spring has come early in Louisiana, so I made these ponies based off of some of my favorite flowers! Each pony is $10, payable through PayPal. The email is honeybonniebunny@gmail.com. If you're interested just comment or send me a message to claim, and once the money is...
  9. Yantiskra

    Colourful commissions

    Hello everyone! :) I'm opening commissions. I like drawing complicated backgrounds, designs, clothes and etc. If you like sci-fi, mecha, forest thema - please feel welcome! Of course, I do general furry art too, I can also draw humans or ponies. Prices(approximate): NSFW – to be...
  10. S

    Sarge's Art Dump

    I figured having one thread to post my stuff in would be more convenient than making a new thread for each piece. Here's my latest stuff that fit in with this website (oldest to newest).
  11. SharpUnforgiven

    bored and looking to trade

    i mostly do ponies but i can do feral, anthro, and humans. if u wanna trade please include examples of ur work and what you'd like to trade (ideas and such). and please dont get mad if i choose not to trade with you. this is a place of fun not conflict. you can find my examples here - (SFW)...
  12. Francchi

    Commissions! Humans, anthros, ponies, ferals etc. ($6-$20)

    Hello! Francchi here, ready to take up some commissions! As mentioned above, I can do all sorts of stuff humans (old, young, skinny, muscular, male, female, anything p much), anthros, ponies, as well as ferals (not very experienced with them, but I know the basics of animal anatomy and I trust...
  13. halcyondrop

    YCH | Ponies in Panties

    Bid here if interested! Come Play! - YCH.Commishes
  14. AcidicFyre

    Vector Art for Wood Charms and Vinyl Glasses

    Hello there, I'm looking to purchase generic furry artwork for resale. Me and My Father love our large industrial tools and we have everything we need for the mass production of wooden charms and vinyl drinking glasses. However, whilst he have the mechanical know how, neither of us are...
  15. Kaylow167

    Where do I buy a fursuit?

    I'm new to the fandom and I was just wondering how do I buy fursuits? What are the most popular fursuit website stores?
  16. LiquidCake


    Hi there~! I'm new to the forums and to FA itself, so this is kind of exciting! Regardless, let's get down to what I have to offer! Sketches -Headshot: $6 -Mid-waist: $7 -Fullbody: $9 +Extra Character*: $5 Flat Color -Headshot: $15 -Mid-waist: $18 -Fullbody: $20 +Extra Character*: $8 Full...
  17. K

    Old skool style adopts

    Like the old, old ones, the breedable, growable, collectable, RPing kind. Miss them? I do. So I'm bringing them back and giving them an upgrade. I've got a big event coming up this weekend, so keep an eye on my FA and other networking pages for details and freebies! Patreon: Leafy is creating...
  18. Orasa

    My Little Pony Adopts & Commissions - available now!

    Hello, and welcome! This will be pretty much a permanent thread to post links to new My Little Pony Adopts. Thank you for visiting, please see the next post for any currently available adopts and information! ----------------------- Lineart (c) SilverPelt & Orasa Used with permission