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  1. ArtGirl205

    Poodle Joker having a snack.

  2. ChiffonPoodle

    Poodle searching for RP partners! (MxM and Anthro!)

    I’ve been dying to RP with my femboy poodle OC, Chiffon, for quite some time now! I’m currently looking for: MxM Dominant partners. Eventual NSFW Possible and/or eventual M!preg (this doesn’t have to be included. I’m perfectly fine with a story-based RP or just going willy-nilly. I usually...
  3. SpunSugar

    Youtube Gaming in Fursuit!

    Hi guys, I started a YouTube gaming channel in fursuit a few weeks ago. I currently have 5 gameplays uploaded. Check them out! I also take suggestions on games to play. =) www.youtube.com: JawbreakerXD