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  1. Throwaway

    Correct way to eat popsicles.

    I wanted to clarify, this is the approximately correct way to eat a popsicle: I’d recommend smaller bites though. How do other people eat popsicles?
  2. Defektess

    'Popsicle' Ych Auction (Open!!)

    Sb Included: Colored Line + Color + Shading + Simple background + You got both slots (main + extra hand) Male/Herm - Any species (furry\anthro\human) - Can change muzzle and paws SB - 20$ Min - 5$ AB - none You can bid here www.furaffinity.net: 'Popsicle' Ych Auction (Open!!) by Defektess
  3. Empurror

    YCH - Flowers!

    NOTES - It will be fully colored with shading. (See gallery HERE or HERE for examples) - Any species/gender/body shape is fine. - No NSFW - Expression can be changed. - Characters with complex designs or additional limbs are +$10 AUCTION RULES - Payment is in USD and paid through Paypal...