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  1. Keefur

    FangCon 2020

    FangCon is having it's eighth convention and is in Birmingham, Alabama. The address for the web page is www.fangcon.com. I will be posting some of the art and updates here, like Furry movie posters, etc. The convention is from Feb. 5th - 10th. It has been said that FangCon is like what cons...
  2. Deathless

    Majira coming out!!!

    As a lot of people know by now, Majira Strawberry, a very well known furry YouTuber, has confirmed that he's gay! I personally am not really surprised due to what he's done in the past (and owning a Nick Wilde body pillow gives him like a +10) What do you think about this?
  3. Ratchetjak

    Popular Higher Skilled Artists vs Lesser Skilled Artist ~ Need opinions/experiences!

    So I'm in the middle of making a video on my YouTube channel where I'm basically giving some advice to beginner level artist some tips on how to keep their morale to continue drawing and well, I'm at the point at talking about popular or higher skilled artists vs the lesser skilled artists and...