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  1. aquagoat

    (Commission) Selling: Portraits by donation!

    Hello! I hope this is acceptable here, but it seemed the most fitting location to post. I'm collecting donations to purchase needed items for the local homeless in my city - its starting to get chilly and many need warm items for the winter. (I'm collecting coats and such in my area but can't...
  2. glossyblueberry

    (Commissions) Selling: Icons/Portraits/Fullbody/NSFW

    Hi! If you'd like to get a commission here is my discord- Blueberry#8640 and my Portfolio- Portfolio The prices are on my portfolio, they are negotiable! I'm comfortable with drawing a variety of things so just ask. I can also recreate a variety of styles so if you want something more...
  3. Brightcat135

    March Commissions! 4/5 slots, SFW/NSFW, $36+

    Hey all! Just like the title says I'm doing art commissions, mainly full color portraits and illustrations, and looking to fill up some slots for this month. For my terms and process please check out my website: HERE If you have any questions feel free to ask! I don't bite, I promise. :)...
  4. Brotafur

    (Commission) Selling: New artist offering cartoony SFW portraits/avatar commissions. Starting at £10 ($13)

    Hopefully the picture says it all! Link to the FA upload here for more detailed info. I'm pretty new here and want to try and do some portraits for people. I specialised in a variety of cartoony styles that sit somewhere between Disney and anime, but I can do more iconographic or chibi stuff...
  5. chasetea

    (Commission) Selling: SFW/NSFW Sketch & Semi-realism Commissions ($28-$129)

    Hello all! I am open for commissions! I draw humans, anthro, furries, kemonomimi etc. Price Sheet below: Coloured Sketch: Head - £23/$28 Half - £30/$37 Full - £40/$49 Detailed Painting: Head - £45/$55 Half - £60/$74 Full - £105/$129 +25 for each additional character +15 for complex...
  6. Mespeth

    (Commission) Selling: [CLOSED] Semi realism painted portraits ($60) -SFW/NSFW

    Hi! I'm practicing my skill and paintovers, so I'm offering a new type of commission to be able to practice more! They come fairly cheap for now, but that will change. So, wanna help me improve AND get an artwork cheaper than usual? Thank you for considering me! Just 3 slots for now 60 USD...
  7. Irhileth

    (Commission) Selling: ☆ Cheap Commissions Open - Reloaded ☆ [$6 - $60]

    IMPORTANT INFO! By the beginning of May I will close this thread since I'm going to update my prices and type of commissions! so take advantage of the last weeks with these prices as they will increase in May (It won't be much! but it's time for renewal) ------------- To start 2020 I make a...
  8. driftingdragon

    (Commission) Selling: ALL FETISH NSFW PORTRAITS ($150-200)

    www.furaffinity.net: NSFW SALE! -- Driftingdragon's Journal Heres a little journal about it! But you heard right! I'm taking two slots for a NSFW portrait with two people and a BG! First come first serve and the slots have been filling quick! Turnaround in under a month! Will be in touch...
  9. hetomy

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions! SFW/NSFW 30$ - 120$ USD

    Hello everyone! Commissions are open! Wont do: -Hardcore gore -Hardcor NSFW -Hyper muscles -Vore -Zoofilia -Rape Will do: -Full furies/anthro -Humans/humanoid -NSFW(nudity, porn is okay either) -Any genders/species -Bondage PAYMENT via PAYPAL, i send request for payment if you have a...
  10. XeronaArt

    (Commission) Selling: $30 - $50 COMMISSIONS OPEN

    Hey guys, I have some cheap commission slots open! I WILL ONLY BE USING PAYPAL! If you're interested please comment below, or DM me WITH A VISUAL REFERENCE OF YOUR OC / SONA! Anything with complex designs will be charged extra I will also not be doing NSFW for the couple sketches... I just...
  11. SpiritSeed

    (Commission) Selling: Portrait Commissions Open (30-50 USD)

    More informations Here
  12. kangabanga

    (Commission) Selling: Kanga's Commission Info Thread! (7$ USD - 765$ USD)

    Hello and welcome to my official commission thread! Please remember to follow all forum rules and feel free to check out my gallery on furaffinity if you're interested in seeing my full portfolio of work! I WILL DRAW! Humans, Furries, Anthros, Ferals, Monsters, etc. SFW or NSFW art --...
  13. Silvv

    (Commission) Selling: Illustration Commissions 40$-170$

    General info: 12/06/2019 1.I am opening commissions for whole three months. If you would be interested in getting something from me, please chceck out my instagram, furraffinity and dA gallery so you will know in what styles I can work. Tho I usually work in book illustration and...
  14. nubilum93

    (Commission) Selling: Realistic art: headshot, half-body, full-body and ref sheet ($30-$300)

    www.furaffinity.net: Portrait in realistic style - Commissions are Open by nubilum93 High resolution: 35 Megapixels (and higher) Will do: Animal, Anthro, Dragon, etc. Will NOT do: Human I can also create a cub form of your character. Prices : Low detail: Portrait / Headshot: $30 Half-body...
  15. kevintheradioguy

    (Commission) Selling: Small emergency: fully-rendered portraits for 10$

    My gf's evil genius kitty knew exactly when we had just dumped all of our funds into something, and decided to get ear infection. I'm trying to sell my old laptop to treat her right, but since there's no interest thus far, I shall do 10$ portrait commissions for ya'll, or accept any tips. Long...
  16. larigot

    Sketchbook: Historical Figures

    My newest drawing subject is anthropomorphized historical figures. This thread will be where I periodically post updates. @Sqizzle came up with bulldog churchill :)
  17. HallowSeo

    Chibis and Character Portraits

    New years, same commissions xD If you're interested, send me a DM or email me (Hallowseo@gmail.com) Like the pictures suggest, feel free to ask me ANYTHING! I am a bit flexible sometimes with new or different concepts. Or if you just want to know what I mean by something, I'd be glad to elaborate.
  18. Emerald_raven

    Portrait / icon giveaway

    Heeeeeello there ! ^___^ Recently i had almost no time for my account so its kinda need some pump up in activity :) All right, here is the deal. Rules quite simple . 1. Add me in your watch list . 2. Fav any of my art. 3. Put a comment under it . 4 . Put here reply on what you did here...
  19. tinybuggy

    Christmas Giveaway

    Two Slots Open, I'll be using a random number generator to pick the winners. Just put a reference of your character below to enter. Deadline to enter is Dec 15. 11:59 PM EST. Portraits delivered on either Dec. 24 or Dec. 25 Good Luck and have fun yall!
  20. noxity

    Black Friday Portrait Sale

    Ends tonight at midnight! Please send me a message if interested. ~