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  1. Emerald_raven

    25 $ icon/portrait with nice quality :)

    So i am currently opened for a couple weeks for portraits and icons . they cost 25$ if no super complex items involved :) mostly work done fast - in 1-3 days :) paypal only. some examples :)
  2. noxity

    Black Friday Portrait Sale

    I will be accepting these up until midnight the 23rd, est time! Send me a message or email on my website: www.ndl.design
  3. HallowSeo

    Character Portraits $35

    I'm selling half-body, fully colored character portraits! $35 for a single character. +60% per added character (so if I math right, a couple would be about $56) [Update: I also offer Chibis which are generally fullbody! Here's a link to how they look, and they are $25 (+60% per added character...
  4. megadragonhead

    Painted Portrait Headshots.

    Open for these $20 painted headshots of your character, can be any species, if youd like one comment here, payment is via PayPal, Examples
  5. Wolf Maiden

    Painted Portaits

    These are Hesitantly Priced Portraits! Head-shot ~ $40-60 Bust ~ $60-80 Portrait ~ $80-100 (based on time it takes) *Warning: These may take up to 3 days to complete!*
  6. HallowSeo

    Character Portraits $30-35

    [Update: I can accept 1 more order for this week!] Half body portraits typically run for about $30. If there is a lot of heavy detail (intricate armors, ect.) the price can increase to account for the extra time it would take for me to work on it. > I will receive payment in advance before I...
  7. Bumcchi

    Custom Derpy Pet Portraits [5.50 USD]

    Heya! I'll be doing commissions like these: 5.50 USD each! [PAYPAL ONLY] More examples on derpypetstickers.tumblr.com: I draw your pets! You'll receive the transparent, full resolution image. It comes with a white border, like a sticker, but if you want it removed just let me know...
  8. Fox King

    Full-Body and Portrait Commissions Available

    Hello, I'm available for commissions so if you are interested it getting your original character illustration or you need a gift for a friend send me a message. I have set prices for my portraits and full body pieces but if you want something more unique and elaborate we can definitely work...
  9. Artist Aspen

    New artist- taking commissions! 9-15$ + YCH

    A King Charles mix looks up at you, tapping one of her manicured claws on the glass jar. Care to order something? Hey, I'm a new artist here opening commissions for the time being! Since I'm just getting started, I'm only charging a small amount until I can get some more current examples...
  10. defunct

    $5 Stylized Icons/Portraits

    Art in the same style (hard edges, cel shading, soft colors, etc.) as the cutscenes from the game Oneshot Examples from the game: I don't have much in terms of examples of my own because this is something I've just started to experiment with, this is a currrent WIP Leave a reply below...
  11. Ladyreha

    Offering traditional and digital portraits

    The lowest price is for less detail a plain head shot The portraits can be done side view or head on Added details will be things like Flowers, jewelry, costume, jewels chunks of crystal, Ect. Please contact me with questions or if your interested in making a purchase :)
  12. F

    Midlands Photographer looking for volunteers

    Hey! I am a student at Nottingham Trent University and Lecturer at Lincoln College both studying MA photography and teaching A-level. I have been aware of the sub-culture of Furries for a couple of years, but recently meeting a few in Lincoln City centre. I was awed by the quality and detail of...
  13. Reserved_Krolik

    Reserved_Krolik's Commission Info! Slots are open!

    Hi! I'm Reserved Krolik, and I'm taking Commissions! The Types I'm offering: Profile Pics: 4 x 4 inches, 300DPI. A Full-on facial portrait. Two Varieties: Monochrome Line Art (Cost $10), and Full Color (Cost $15) Chibi Character Art: Variable Size, 300DPI. 1 Full Body, No background. Three...
  14. A

    Portraits starting at $50

    Hi everyone! (New guy here) I'm a professional illustrator and I have 5 spots open to do portraits. $50USD for greyscale $75$USD for full color To be fair I'm doing this first come first served and the fastest way to get a hold of me is via email at mkolbeckart@gmail.com I'll update the...
  15. CoppiceRaccoon

    Painted Portraits! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

    I'm taking commissions! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Ever think "Wow I wish I had a dramatic and slightly pretentious portrait of my character!"? Well look no further, my friends! I, the trash king, am here to paint your lovely ocs! They're $40 a pop! +$15 for an extra character! Example Help out your friendly...
  16. peachy-keen

    Cute/Unique Commissions!!!

    Commissions are currently OPEN SLOTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. BUST PRICE: 15 - 25 USD FULL BODY PRICE: 30-45 USD FULL ILLUSTRATION PRICE: Starts at 60 USD General Things: CANNOT Claim my art as your own Change the art in any way Repost as a submission to other art sites or furaffinity without...
  17. TOMEart

    Muzzle portraits €13-30

    Hi guys, commissions are open here! I'm doing a offer, for the first three who will commission me a work I will discount 20% Commissioners will be given a high resolution JPEG, only for personal use and not for selling. Payment by Paypal
  18. samuraiswordz

    Show me your OCs! I want to draw a portrait~

    I want to get some portraits done as practice! Something like this which I did for LucyFoxCat Link below your OCs and I may draw them ;o
  19. LupisDarkmoon

    3 Slots Open: HQ portraits and more!

    Hey there folks! This is my first time advertising on FurAffinity, but seeing as I love drawing furries, I'm not sure why I waited. I'll be taking three commission slots this time around, with the potential of more as time goes on. Aaand here's some info! ------ Animation Example My Gallery...
  20. Sylladexter

    [OPEN 3/5] ★Sylladexter Commissions★: Digital Paintings, Sketches, Icons

    ★ Commission Slots ★ ★ TAKEN ★ ★ RESERVED ★ ★ OPEN ★ ★ OPEN ★ ★ OPEN ★ Current Workload: Painted: 1 | Icons: 0 | Sketches: 0 >> Previous Commission work << ★ Payment Info ★ If you’re interested in a commission contact me at sylladexter@gmail.com! or PM me. IMPORTANT: When you...